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Good Multiplies Now Book
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Good Multiplies Now CD
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Good Multiplies Now

Goddbye Limitations

Healing Empowerment Affirmations

Safety Prevails Parts 1 & 2

Safety Prevails Parts 3 & 4

Being What Tomorrow Demands

A Higher Destiny

Good Night Affirmations

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Celeberate Toni's Birhday
September 28th at 3:30 pm
at Wonderworks Studio

One Woman Play / Storytelling
with Anne Kathleen Mclaughlin
The Wooing of the Soul

Anne Kathleen's one woman play is really an amazing storytelling... Every tale bears a gift and carries light to our own stories, too. Stories awaken us to new possibilities and even might raise questions we had not known we had? [Learn more about Anne here]

I am inviting those who wish to participate with me on the day I am officially 70 years!!! The tickets must be purchased in advance at $25 each. Tickets include tea and finger sandwiches to be served after the storytelling. Anne Kathleen McLaughlin is coming down from Canada. Our payment to her will help support the good work of the Grey Sisters of Pembroke, a Catholic order of which she is a member. Her work in the community and our tea party service.

Celebrating the completion of my previous seventy years of conversations and the start of what's next. A birthday gift will be your presence and pre-purchase of a ticket which enables this lovely event to occur.

I hope you decide to join us. Space is not that big so respond quickly with ticket purchase through check or PayPal to mindnames@aol.com. Hope to see you. Blessings, Toni


Talking with Toni Stone results in more understanding of how to prosper in difficult times.

Her unusual ability to be intuitively articulate in prosperity consulting conversations enables PROSPERITY POSSIBILITIES.

People come to understand their personal patterns of prosperity cycles to call forth what they intend.

Groups and Classes


Friday October 10
November 7

Tuesday, October 21

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What our clients are saying

The wisdom encountered in weekends expands my ability to love. Trainings help me live what I speak. I am empowered to reveal myself and live with passion. Since participating I find I can more easily teach what I've learned.
-- Executive Office Manager, Shelburne VT

Thank you for being really-totally-ridiculously-like-wow amazing. I am incredibly grateful for the practice you have brought into my life and for all you have helped me generate. I used to measure my life by what I got; now I measure it by what I give.
-- Music Teacher, New York

Thank you for sending the link to that video.It was an inspirational way to start the day.Watching it I am reminded of the tremendous impact your work has had, and continues to have, on my life. The trainings that I did with you, the being willing to be uncomfortable so that I could create what I said I wanted, the affirmations...all of this shows up all around me as I continue to create, stand for who I am and what I want. Thank you.You are a shining life.
-- S.J., Vermont

Received Prosperity book today. Many thanks. Have read quite a bit and already see where there are gaps to my prosperity... personal relationships play a huge role... making plenty of new plans!
-- Boston,MA.

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