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What is Wonder Works Studio?
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What is Wonder Works Studio?

Wonder Works Studio is a set of transformational conversations, innovative programs, groups, trainings, books, tools, activities and insightful experiences designed for those who wish to prosper.

To live more abundantly one must become more generous and grateful. Our work is a force for goodness, and intentional thought.

The Approach

At Wonder Works Studio, learning the principles of prospering is a real, comprehensive, and results-producing approach for a lifelong practice. In contrast to more conceptual and sugar-coated approaches to transformation, the approach at Wonder Works Studio is to become the next you.... to live what's possible next. The desire to be more grateful, reliable, and generous is a prerequisite for a practice of prosperity principles.

The Practice

People of all ages, professions, and outlooks use Wonder Works Studio to keep themselves in right-relationship with their own mission in the world. Projects, programs, and books are part of the conversation that keeps prosperity growing. Chaos subsides when prosperity practitioners show up sharing, caring and reminding people that there is a choice in every moment called PERSPECTIVE. We choose direction with words and action. The possibility perspective and willingness to act are signs of a progressive prosperity practice.


What is Wonder Works Studio? On-going Conversation

Prosperity work is an out-picturing of an ancient urge to have and give more. Wonder Works Studio has been training, teaching, and coaching for 30 years. Groups, classes, and talks happen presently in New England, and New York City. One year trainings are always in progress and are open to previous class participants or clients. In person coaching is offered in Boston MA and in Burlington VT. Phone coaching is available anywhere. Video conference coaching will also soon be available

For further information, call Toni Stone at 802-849-2257.

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