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Following is a selection of Toni Stone's weekly Affirmations. To register to receive Toni's free Tuesday Affirmations by email, fill out the registration box at the bottom of this page. You may view previous affirmations here.

Llife always responds

A passionate dynamic request
of the Divine is always received.

Communication that eliminates doubt
makes clear the way.

now is the time to change thinking and attract blessings with intentional prayer...

Linking with the highest energy
in the universe, is our privilege and right.

An ancient way of asking, and receiving
what’s next, is known to each of us. time to use it now...
The most highly accelerated mind action known is prayer.
Prayer unleashes a force
which often causes new action
and even new thinking to occur.

The most effective prayer
is a private act
within one’s “own” consciousness.
No ceremony is required...
no real direction is needed...

Now winter

in the the North
we honor
powers of the North.
black is North. black is deep understanding.
North is where endurance, purity and truth stand.
North covers Mother Earth with the white blanket
of cleansing snow.
it is the direction of long contemplation;
looking at what’s been accomplished and how.
in North, we enjoy the long winter’s wait,
getting ready for the call of spring. receptive, we assess our relationship to all things;
standing for the straight road. thanks for time to do small things,
we become patient, open to new callings...
from quiet understanding comes ability to hear.
we receive insight,
endurance becomes the beginning of decisiveness.
new action follows quiet blessings of North.

I am leaving behind

♥ i am leaving behind the ideas i learned about money.
♥ i am leaving behind the ideas i was taught about money.
♥ i am leaving behind the ideas i accepted about money.
♥ i am leaving behind the ideas of money as a problem

♥ i am leaving behind ideas of money as survival.
♥ i am leaving ideas of money as something i have to get...
♥ money is now a small link in the scheme of what i am about.

♥ i see money as enabling me to make a difference.
♥ i see money as a way i give to my world.
♥ i see money as something to spread around.
♥ i see money is always around.
♥ i see money empowering me, to empower others.
♥ i see money as something to keep moving out with...
♥ i can get money anytime.
♥ i see, i cause money to happen to me, by my thinking.
♥ i see money happens, by my expectation.
♥ everything is an opening, everything is an opportunity, to express money and possibility. i am more generous today than usual.

I have a clear space to work

♥ i am free of useless chatter. there is a space to begin.
♥ i have space-to-work today, and i do what is mine to do...
♥ i am free of the visual clutter of life.
♥ i can see great distances with good ideas.
♥ i schedule time so that comprehensive thinking can occur.
♥ i experience quiet and pure time to work well.
♥ i have plenty of time to do the work that calls to me.
♥ i can feel expansive and draw new conclusions.
♥ i can hear the challenge of ideas that call for attention and    thought.
♥ i can unclutter mind and i do now. i make order here and now.
♥ a delightful way of being able to work emerges for me, in order.
♥ i keep a clean, clear, simple work-space around me all the time    now.

Already abundant life

♥ whatever i speak is what i am creating...
♥ i speak prosperously. i am clear thinkers.
♥ on the road of already abundant life... we are grateful

♥ in specific terms of supply and support, i speak prosperously my emotions resonate with true abundance.
♥ i affirm the good i intend...

♥ i speak success in the very face of question...
our words resonate with true success.
♥ ... in the face of all doubt.we speak success...
♥ results are attained by my speaking...
i have a prospering consciousness.

♥ we are accomplished in demonstrating plenty.
♥ opportunities appear rather than obstacles.
♥ we take direct actions. we move to what’s intended.

♥ the quality of life improves, for everyone, whenever we are present.
♥ at night, my last thoughts are of good...
we say goodnight with happiness...

About the money

♥ deserving to be prosperous today i set wider goals.

♥ i deserve to receive money and i do now.
♥ much money passes through without worry.
♥ the more i give, the more is given to me. giving works wonders for me... i am grateful.

♥ i know the truth of these giving ideas now. i give wider. i keep open about where money will come right now. money is flowing even now... open to receive... i do not narrow focus to just certain people, old places, familiar situations or known things.

good comes from everywhere.
♥ i accept good with plenty of gratitude.
♥ i freely receive good and give good.

♥ good is plenty here and now. i look for it each day.
i do not hold it on reserve for tomorrows future moments.

♥ i have all the money, and plenty more to give
♥ i give now, trusting the flow to continue, it does.
♥ universe uncovers everything required.
♥ loving and secure... crazy fear is gone.

♥ coincidences and happy surprises are everywhere.
♥ cash flows into the world, and returns increased.
♥ i always continue to keep up giving. holding on is past. holding onto checks and waiting till another date is over.

♥ it is okay to be happy and prosper others.
♥ the world is a pretty colorful, and beautiful place.
♥ my thoughts are bright. wealth contributes...
♥ radiant and sparkling contributions occur with me... financially successful... income exceeds expenses.

the more willing i am to prosper others, the more willing others are to prosper me.

♥ i am incredibly grateful now to give up being a poor person. my contributing is expansive and prospers all those around me... i am grateful indeed.


Beyond What Seems to Be

  • we can think independently
    of seeming existing conditions...
  • to put joy in place of grief, to put abundance where lack
    seemed to be the case, is quite an overcoming.
  • what really heals us is knowing that we are already, complete and perfect...
    we have to hold to that idea with daily correct thinking and not fall back
    into how most people are thinking usually.
  • we can transform limitations. whatever is of a discordant nature
    does not belong to the truth of being.
  • an answer to every problem resides in consciousness...
    when we are quiet we can listen to hear a still voice.
  • creation is the result of the force of life outpushing into expression...
    we are involved in bringing things to manifestation by how we think, feel and speak. we were created this way.
  • our job is to stay in the presence of perfection...
    thinking about good and from good...
    thinking about what’s intended, not about what is feared...
  • the time has come
    to reaffirm our better history.
    that time is now.

When to fold

i know when to hold...
i know when to fold...

THAT I HAVE one life, divine life
and this life is my grateful life now.
i keep pace with highest purpose.
i live and move as this life.
This life knows exactly what to do
and how to do it... to make
what's really next evident.

Innovation is natural. so, i do whatever
is called for in endless demonstrations,
and as many starts and attempts as are required
to bring forth what’s really new.

i have courage. i have vitality.
i am the evolution of will that’s required.
i am what easily takes on risk, without regret.
i compensate for any weaknesses.

There is no resistance with me.
no defenses stop me...

no opposition opposes me. Innovation is natural,
it is life and i accept THE CREATIVE POWER
of this life, moving me happily forward.

life does it’s work, and nothing is impossible
i accept that right now. i am Grateful...
i know when to hold and when to fold.
i am always advised and guided going forward...
that’s what’s so i give up
being afraid and conflicted.

seeing what’s possible
today replaces all conflicts.
i am renewed by
all manner of changes this month.

Goodbye self pity

i stand aware at the door
of my thoughts now.

another whole self is available to me today...

i say goodbye to self-pity thinking.

i am not held to negative habits or responses.
freedom of spirit is always mine. i am grateful.
i give up feeling sorry and thinking sad thoughts.
how i accommodate, compensate and respond
to thoughts is my decision in this time right now.

feeling sorry, even in small doses,
is disempowering, so i stop it.

i am alert to my thinking and feeling process. i direct thought

self-pity finds no expression. courage replaces fear.
patterns of pity fall away now... possibility always exists.

i act for what’s next. i am thankful for this freedom.
attention to gratitude is an empowering attitude.
gratitude opens doors to good.

i get happily engaged in life with others.
good is always present...
its our choice to notice it.

we can reinvent ourselves as we move along…

today we are prospered and we prosper others we give thanks that this is now so, in a profound new way...

Letting go of old favorite problems

today we let go of problems
and find better things to do...
if things are way too complicated
the chance is they are not really
a message from the LIGHT of creation.

from wanting and getting
to giving and sharing... this is a shift for this week.
we are looking for a change in consciousness...
we share what we become, we see it...

the leaves are turning... weather is changing

♥ we stop emphasizing behavior that proves people are inferior.
♥ we look to the best in people and situations.
♥ we give up having problems as proof of aliveness.
♥ we give up thinking about how wrong others are.
♥ so for now criticism is left behind.
♥ focusing on what we don’t want more of, also this is over too... it is way over...

I have what it takes in the autumn

♥ i am generous.

♥ i have a posture of being eager-to-contribute, demonstrated by active giving.

♥ i have easy access to that position of "having plenty"... which is first emotional, then mindful, and finally practical. ♥ i am supportable.

♥ i have a way of being in frequent communication with allies to my commitments in life.

♥ i have a posture of co-operation.

♥ powerful partnerships are plentiful .

♥ i am amazingly creative.

♥ i am able to see beyond circumstances.

♥ i am able to easily innovate.

♥ i have unlimited ways to make new exciting patterns.

♥ i have increasing far reaching vision.

♥ i can disappear in collaborations and still source them happily. i am grateful to always have many helpers.

End of August

the infinite creates the world
and the world is realizing the infinite...
all forms of reality are being created...
everything moves in accord
with the creator... and our reflecting...

i have selected much about the future
knowingly and also unknowingly
... consciously and unconsciously...

today i have responsibility for all that i do...
all that i don’t do... as well, as what i think...
what i feel and what images are held in mind...
as well as what is expected in the future
all anger and frustration... all love and excitement...
joy and happiness... sadness and depression
... words said... dreams and goals
... the sound of our voices...
... all kinds of actions... fears
... many mistakes and good successes...

when there is honesty about what we are claiming, we can really know ourselves, appreciate life,
and even though we don’t always like every thing we do...
we remember we were always doing the best we could do...

today we are still doing the best,
we can do
within our total circumstances...
today we are grateful and thankful.
the world is so amazingly interesting.


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