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Following is a selection of Toni Stone's weekly Affirmations. To register to receive Toni's free Tuesday Affirmations by email, fill out the registration box at the bottom of this page.

I am inexhaustible

with eagerness i greet each and every day. inexhaustible divine love always has met
and always will meet what is required
for every today... WE count on this...

WE ARE deeply moved to do work.
divine love always manages to supply
whats always needed... for us today and tomorrow…

our dedication
produces true accomplishment.
divine love shows the many miracles of grace
are no real miracles to love… they keep on occurring…
we know, no matter what’s happening around me…we continue to count on the miracles we know are there… READY TO CONTINUE...

the infinite ability of spirit
is never worn out..
and neither are we...
we continue..with spirit.

our heartfelt instincts keep me
directed and standing for authenticity.
we resolve to follow through on important work.
we are letting heart knowledge replace head knowledge.
we are renewed in my work each day.
we let go disheartening perspectives.
we accomplish all the time, now…
thanks to divine love…
we are always grateful...


For This Week

i give thanks for these teachings provided to me...
i concentrate on development
and i work hard this season.
i continually move
in the circle of cycles...

i am thankful for all the people, and
many circumstances and amazing events
that have brought me
to this place in life.
my studies prosper me.
i am unfolding potential for a greater state
and a language for further accomplishment.

i am empowered by the ability to express feelings.
i am renewed by music and many growing things.
i trust my purpose moving from simple to complex...

in all my working i demonstrate discrimination...
i am consistent in thought, speaking and action.
i am deeply moved to do work and i allow myself
to work and be accountable.

i have responsible alliances...
they keep me habitually on purpose
with reliable patterns of character.
i accomplish clear completions
and many finalizations that work.

i have integrity, discipline and commitment.
i take responsibility for my idealism
and i encourage explicit honesty in others.

my love is deep, solid, dependable.
i know what to do
and i continuously do it.

union comes, and cohesion is happening.
i gladly refrain from impulses that distract me.
wonderful blessings occur this week.
i am grateful and happy...

Patience and Certainty for Today

... i experience demonstrations of ever operative divine principles that helps anger drift away from me. i am so grateful...

... by calming inner voices, i inject certainty and light into my thoughts for this week...

i am able to achieve a quiet heart. any need to defend myself is gone. and restless forces pass me bye.

a mind can be humble and free, when
i remember that someone in distress is not really observant or paying attention... i take my inner gaze off problems now. i give up a right to criticize myself and others. goodbye to doubtful, fearful images in mind...

... have moderate and just views of everyone. capable of noble hearted keeping still... i cease to focus attention on concerns today. i persevere with what is true and good. a correct way will work i know this.

i bring my heart to rest today and attain a grateful higher level of certainty and patience...
there are many assured outlooks.
all harmonious views prevail...

i am what i was created to be...


Growing to More Good

i develop steadily forward to more good.
unlimited good is a growth process
at appropriate speeds. i am grateful.

growth accelerates, i actively understand
its phases... inner growth always comes
before outer results...

i allow time
to move patiently and happily
in my own process of prospering.

thoughts abide in good this month.
i am thinking into more expressions of good.
the more good i talk about, the more good i attract.

i grow even when
it looks like good isn’t happening.
i condition mind to the possibility
of greater good and it really is brought forth
in appropriate right perfect timing the good occurs...
the longer i seem to wait, the better results are...

i am experiencing more good than ever before,
i notice increasing gratitude.
i am willing to grow into even more
good results in natural timely ways...

growth is a spiraling process
through cycles of much increasing good.
i am grateful for many good results
and for my patience in understanding
attitudes can use some shifting too...
i have good results
in natural ways today.

Perfect Alignment

with Universal Intelligence... perfect pattern.
we have authentic relatedness functioning
at the level of consciousness.

Intelligence is all there is...
we are in perfect pattern with this ONE INTELLIGENCE.

we are alert and quick
to obey higher instructions

moving instantaneously, with velocity,
agile, awake, fine-tuned, and able to answer easily.

we are love in action,
traversing great distances in record time...
multi-dimensional beings, capable in every moment.
we do the will of heaven in all our circumstances.

so there are no contradictions,
no conflict in action, and no conflict in responses.
All negative mental images, records of pain
or unconsciousness are now quickly dissolved,
erased and given up for today...
any waves of recording contrary to highest
which have run voices, muscles,
and parts of our bodies
are now dissolved into nothing.
we are so grateful...

Any interference to Divine plans are gone.
we are functioning at the best level of consciousness.
Satisfaction is now the case...
this is now the truth about us
we are thankful...

Beginning New Actions

moving into new ways,
new directions, new information...

i know what to do and i do it!!!
today i act for what is good and true.
i create and achieve results.
NOW we all experience
the power to cause events.

attitudes are affirmative in every way.

we leave behind all fear and doubt.
we have power to go beyond
attack and lack...
we do THAT NOW...
we move forward through all circumstances
with plenty of good humor... no matter what things look like
acting for what brings peace and progress...

now we keep moving.
clearly and specifically, we know what to produce.
we have the power to go beyond ingratitude
acting for what we intend.

Miracles assist wherever we go...
achieving the impossible happens with ease.

we are guided in ways of good choosing.
moving ahead to bring more good to this world.
our actions always support goodness.

we are divinely employed, full of enthusiasm
moving forward to begin new actions...

Happy Opportunities

this month there are
happy opportunities
and so we welcome
the challenge that life is.

we no longer shrink from the opportunities.
we are willing to get to work in todays life.
we are now surrounding ourselves
with allies to our multiple commitments.

we know Intelligence guides and directs.
we make a difference everywhere everyday.
possibilities for being abound. we see them.

we forward the projects, action and thinking.
we are bold, taking on what’s new and next.

we are intelligence. we remember
all good is here available to us...
we create possibility equal
to our commitments both
here and tomorrow.

we deepen the ability to get into action.
we bring much power to bear
on all our work,
relationships, and commitments here
in our lives now, and in all people’s lives.

we are
mastering challenges.
we see what
once seemed impossible.
and so, what is wanted comes to us.

moods, feelings, and thoughts
support our highest purposes.
we are grateful to uncover even
more opportunities for producing results.

we are expanding our ability
to get the jobs done in life really.
this is so wonderful...
and we are so grateful
this month.


life itself, as intelligence, is ever present with ME.
i can go anywhere and do anything that’s ever been done.... I AM ADAPTABLE.
Fear of failure is really the fear of "being wrong."
Today i am willing to act quickly. i risk making errors.
i don’t have to wait for the "right time"
the appropriate time is right now today.
i am willing to be transformed, by taking action on my own behalf.
i can deal with stress. I CAN INNOVATE.
i can find friends to help me.
i can correct mistakes.
i can improve performance.
i can afford to look foolish.

i am willing to go ahead producing results, in the real world.
Life expands ahead, producing results, in the real world.
Life expands in the face of my courage today.
i give up trying-to- reduce-the-risk-that-life-is.
i give up thinking thoughts that scare me. Learning is acting.
i turn to account, all opportunities
i insist on saying YES. YES i will.


That’s what’s so today.
YES quickly.


a new idea lights the way for leaping ahead.
i am getting started...

i produce results now, with action.
my action-oriented choices involve
insight and sensitivity.

risks are taken, the action begins today.
what mind can conceive, will be achieved.

i break habits of doubt. n new explorations abound.
new patterns are emerging.

new ways of seeing are present now.
new perspectives build bridges.

Bye Bye Yesterday

  1. today we are willing to let go of past pain, regret, aggravation and feelings that things should have been better.
  2. we are getting skillful at letting go... releasing what ever wants to do a drag down on enthusiasm.
  3. we drop it, all of it, cheerfully saying NO THANKS don't choose it.
  4. replacing old rancor with refreshing LIGHT, and vivifying prospects... we move ahead into this summer with courageous actions.
  5. today we work, and rework, in the realms of creative imagination.
  6. we notice thoughts that occur and select only the ones that aim in chosen directions...
  7. good fortune finds fine spaces to occur, causing innovation where stagnation was... A wonderful new world comes about.
  8. new thoughts of abundance, joy and full participation keep happening.
  9. limitation is overcome... we conceive newly what’s possible and make it more , and more probable!!!!
  10. we allow ideas and beliefs to change, expanding what we create now.
  11. prosperity tools and ideas have a powerful ability to shift reality.
  12. accomplishing miraculous results, we move back and forth, from intangible ideas to many manifestations with intense thankfulness. We know what to do and we are doing it!
  13. great gratitude attracts exact excellent outcomes. we are so grateful...


  • DIVINE INTELLIGENCE's blessings are available... AND THIS IS A GOOD YEAR to avail OURselves of them... this is our choice today to see what is there.
  • ... intuitively, we know, WHAT blessings can come from what can appear to be challenging... however we ACCEPT challenges GRATEFULLY.
  • spiritual ideas impel my advances today.
  • we take time to listen to quiet good ideas. we take time to review where time is spent and how we select people to spend it with...
  • we take time to consider how things can BE difficult to understand when they are first beginning... we... spend good time thinking about what’s possible.
  • WE, plan actions. I have time to gather with good people. I deal well with many choices. I AM AN EXPRESSION OF SOLUTIONS HAPPENING... I AM ABLE TO CREATE. I AM RENEWED WITH GOOD POSSIBILITY.
  • I gain dominion over challenges presently
  • I EMBRACE WHAT IS NEXT, when the time comes to take appropriate actions. I CONTINUE to do it.


  • my creative activities are happening more often. new wisdoms occur...
    i uproot what was... bye bye to that...
  • there is capability for all the boundless good results and good prospering envisioned.
  • spring time GOOD AMAZING ENERGY begins now helping all of us to achieve springtime incredible results.
  • with a vital sense of season, we discover new ways to process time and bring about manifestations of BRIGHT happy FUTURES.
  • any chaos or disharmony dissolves today. even if the windows dont fit we are okay anyway we LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF THINGS.
  • workable generous actions... prosper us and all those around us. we choose them more often.
  • goodbye to the mini series of miseries and being held back by impulses to do what doesnt work anymore... BYE BYE to that now.
  • we easily go thru whatever needs to be overcome to arrive at satisfaction, cheerfulness and joy this year. we see what can be done to bring more springtime happiness to those all around us today...
  • we KNOW THE certain potent POWER OF CERTAINTY. consistent ruling thoughts propel us into free, full energy.
  • we are satisfied to be moving forward in all our situations... empowered and happy. CERTAINTY PRODUCES RESULTS.
  • we have many determined enhanced abilitites... and we have so many abilities and results waiting to change for the spring... we are guided to these MAKE CHANGES!!!!
  • NO LONGER DO we TRY TO GET ONLY FOR our selves ALONE with out thinking... of who all the others, around us are... we have a mind for all of us today... and we use it too.
  • we are always really grateful for so much good in our lives... we give more today and we are glad of it...


  • there is always good abundance. i notice it. TODAY i let the LIGHT into my life, and blow out all darkness. Good is Unending and i remember this...
  • i am willing to think and feel that there’s always plenty. i set aside any obstruction to good, within and without...
  • prospering is an inside job. i get to APPROPRIATE THINKING. i am what i desire to be and i am that now... i am unstopable and limits are not real.
  • insufficiency is due to thoughts of lack... i have erased those thoughts gladly... higher and better conditions are here now... limitless being and splendid sunshine are present even when i cant see the evidence.
  • i am the one who chooses my thoughts. now, i choose thoughts of plenty, sufficiency and gratitude.
  • chaotic complexities clear up...all is good. there is plenty of potential to produce good outcomes any miseducated perceptions that have hemmed me in are dissolved now... with the rememberance that all is good.
  • i am on purpose paying attention to my thought patterns today. constant contact with "poor" thinkers is over... goodbye bondage to "stinking thinking"... pity parties, and complaining...
  • i repeat what brings good. i use prosperity tools to overcome moods and thoughts in downward spirals... i surge ahead succeeding masterfully.
  • surroundings constantly improve...
  • whatever is needed is already given. i find that now. i have new brightness in thinking and results. i leave behind how i used to be. changing continues to bless me.
  • i affirm the existence of good and my place in it. i am evolving, finishing and refining many good outcomes.. this is my growth through eternity
  • i know what to do now and i am doing it here. grand results are stacking up everywhere that i am. i am so thankful. divine order is the only order.


  • we intend for the protection of all our relations wherever they go, whatever they do, LIGHT is with them.
  • our hearts are set free from fear or anxiety concerning them, for we know that the LIGHT is their sure protection.
  • we see them centered in the LIGHT, filled with Divine power, and directed by Divine wisdom.
  • we see them sheltered in Divine love, upheld, strengthened, enlivened, fortified and blessed.
  • they are protected at all times, in all places, at home or abroad, on land, in the air, at sea. we are grateful.
  • as we think of them and pray for them and see them surrounded and enfolded by the almighty, protecting Presence, we, too, feel this same sense of protection.
  • we know for ourselves as we know for everyone that we all live in LIGHT and GOODNESS.
  • wherever we are, we are safe, and doubtless, certain that we are in the right place at the appropriate times.
  • we are grateful and empowered.
  • this is the truth about us.
  • we are blessed, certain and thankful.

This holiday season

  • i am organizing, tabilizing and celebrating many activities for the completion of this amazing year.
  • i am experiencing great gains in outcomes as this year is coming to an efficient conclusion. i am believing in the miraculous continually.
  • my income has a new pattern of abundance. i am grateful for all the good new ways of wisdom which were established with me this past year. knowledge continues to be put into action.
  • more and more often i do know what to do and i do it. i am cleaning up lots of little messes. i continue to do that, so that there is a clear place for more good to arrive.
  • whatever makes my life cumbersome and chaotic is put aside, given away or simply thrown out. little by little, i get better arrangements happening.
  • this year i promise to work with hope instead of hoping without working... my efforts have results equal to my efforts.
  • i am getting organized. its what there is to do... improving my systems with joy and humor... happy holidays and plenty to spare and share each day.

Confidently in the HOLIDAY SEASON

  • this season light is everywhere present.
  • universal beneficent, boundless bounty is always what’s so... even when not seen.
  • i remember that bounty begins in my thinking, feeling and speaking today. i act accordingly. whinning, huffing, complaining, dreading and feeling like a victim of holidays is over in me and all the people around me
  • i am capable to create holidays that are bright... and guided by great ideals, i increase joyful generosity. giving opens up great profusions of getting! i intend to give more than i ever have. i am grateful.
  • i am successfully certain of what will work out well. that’s what i choose for this holiday season.
  • i plan for plenty... i am confident beyond concerns and worry.
  • generous in multiplied ways exceeding the past. i am blessed.
  • i bring together what belongs together.
  • in any holiday challenges... i am creative and non reactive. i bring possibility wherever i am.
  • affluent aliveness is everywhere in abundance.
  • rest and renewal keep the balance of harmony, health and happiness for all of us. i am grateful.
  • serendipity surprises pave a way for the holidays... miracles occur for festive acknowledgements... and all is well everywhere for everyone.
    i open the way for true blessings to occur.
    ... safe travel is ongoing for all the coming and going of so many activities.
  • celebrating is guided with many wise choices. joyful assurance in SPIRIT WITHIN brings peace and satisfaction with all that goes on ... much love is expressing everywhere this year.

I Know

  • i know how to let people know what i want, and i see what they intend too...
    So that we can make satisfying agreements. i am grateful.
  • i know how to share and tithe. so that my giving supports continual getting. i deserve good outcomes. i give up sporadic giving and move into consistent regular sharing.
  • i know that planning invites confidence... i let go of last minute rushes. i am definite and on purpose. doubt disappears, certainty replaces all doubt.
  • i know that discipline and commitment brings good results... and that productive thoughts and behaviors can be cultivated daily. i allow good.
  • i know accepting help from people speeds along intentions to good actions for excellent manifestations. i am receptive. i trust in divine outcomes for a future unlike the past... i give up, any angry re-activations from the past... anxiety is dissolved... .i know acting from optimism invites miraculous events... i have the wisdom of clear insights… and right resolution today.
  • i know whatever i am giving is returning multiplied to me... i am giving more than before... i am thankful ahead of time... for all the good thats on the way to where i am... so i can share more.
  • i know i have dominion when i disempower obstacles and chaos by shifting perception about the situation.
  • i know my giving does much good in many unseen ways. Wise and prepared i make more wise choices about where to give.
  • i know i can be happy, glad, and satisfied for no reason. i choose which thoughts to hold in mind.
  • i know i can continue to give up thoughts that i am a victim or that things would be easier somewhere else. i have gratitude as an attitude today. amen.

Constant Creation

    ... creation is always remodeling, so are we... now OUR good deeds contribute to good changes.
    we are called out to bring unity in the face of divisions. we express the constant activity of spirit within... even when people may not like it much.
  • ... we call forth visions that serve highest good and, prospering progress is already accomplished. We take a look beyond what is usually seen... bye bye to past patterns that do not bring higher good !!! WE OPEN our minds THIS MONTH TO HIGHEST FUTURE POSSIBILITIES.
    we space out from what is not really ready for the great evolutionary leap in consciousness that creation is summoning us to...
  • ... we have an expanded ability to see beyond what seems to be happening...we see whats been hidden ...as we move forward ,we hold no grievances...
    our will is willing to do what is required to express the grand order of much peaceful progress. doubts dissolve. gratitude multiples in all moments.
    ... actions express our priorities... we choose changes of dark behaviors that obstruct our prospering and sharing... we are fearlessly moving forward with new plans. we have the wisdom presence that sustains us... we bring blessings of encouragement to all the pilgrims of peaceful progress around us now... we open our hearts and minds to the power of love at work.
  • ... now, we work on our projects with clear focus, strong discipline, clear certainty and unrelenting perseverance, we give ourselves wholeheartedly to honest interfaces with all the people around us... we have the happiness and high efficiency of great blessing being given !!!!
  • ... we have A CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE AND DIRECTION. we are thankful to ALWAYS easily have what’s required... it is showing up APPROPRIATELY right when it’s needed. we remember gratitude is the prosperity attitude, and it is giving that causes getting... not hoarding. we are rich with new wisdom and understanding.

Open attitudes are good for me

  • i am part of all thats going on... my network of connection is very extensive.
  • ideas of prospering are good for me to have...attitudes are an outgrowth of ideas. my attitude gets several upgrades this week. i am thankful.
  • i open my mind to divine inspirations... in back of all that i think that i need this week there are prospering ideas waiting to occur for me. i make myself gladly available to those good ideas.
  • i am open and receptive to prospering ideas now!
  • i am alert to guidance that comes, to invitations, [and the like] i value them and accept them... not like the man in the old joke who is waiting for GOD TO COME OUT OF THE SKY to save his sorry self and he refuses the boat, the helicopter and the rope while the place is flooding.... that man is so not like me, because i am alert and aware that help comes in many ways and disguises too.
  • i pray and plan to recognize prospering ideas... to use them, to get them, to take hold of them, and to get in action with them!!!
  • i affirm today that i am receptive to new, enriching ideas. i welcome, accept them, and feel gratitude for them which is very different from refusing them or being resistant and resentful in the face of an invitation. amen.
  • this week, no matter where i am roaming my open attitudes prosper me... and, all those around me. i am a bright light!

I Know How to Work

"There is no greater mistake than to suppose one is too good for the work called upon to do..."

  • light of life is what i represent in working.
  • i am grateful to have excellent methods and supreme insights in all my work this month.
  • i am not separated in any way from Divine Order... embracing change helps me to prosper more.
  • my projects are successful beyond what i imagine... and more prospects improve... rejuvenation occurs.
  • each day i sincerely contemplate what i am doing.... my surroundings now reflect who i have become.
  • all doing reflects a process of right timing.
  • directed and guided in all my projects... i am thankful for all help given.
  • any fear or confusion quickly dissolves.
  • my associates are clear and committed.
  • my communications are clear and committed.
  • i respond to intuition in the marketplace.
  • i am seeing and hearing in undistorted ways.
  • i work in cooperation with dedicated others to expand visions and make heartfelt goals real.
  • projects are inspired and inspiring. unresolved conflicts are uncovered and cleared up.
  • life changes as a result of my working.
  • failure is temporary always. i know how best to work.
  • i know how to work without compulsive mental activity.
  • doing little things well is a step toward doing big things excellently.
  • my work is for a world that works. i allow good ideas to direct work.
  • i forever remain guided in all collaborations.
  • finishing plans in good order is happening.
  • all working is a good and fine orderly experience.
  • i am expressing gratitude and magnanimity in my working.
  • i finish projects in good order and start them appropriately.

Creating Congruence

  • today i look further... to create workable futures.
  • i go beyond outward appearances today. it's possible to go past any darkness... an air of assurance comes alive today.
  • ... not disoriented by events or circumstances, i have overcoming purpose to serve the future. confronting disorder, chaos, discord, agitation and conflict... i give plenty of space to adversaries who dispute, oppose and deny what works...
  • bringing about order... constructing and sustaining good results, new intended beginnings are abundant, and plenty of peaceful good harmony is always happening.
  • i create prospering patterns of congruence with intention and action.
  • i demonstrate persistence, tolerance and courage... doing what i said i would do now.
  • people all over are GIVING UP ILLUSION, CONCEALMENT AND PRETENSE TODAY. inappropriate partnerships dissolve in clarity and agreement... there are perfect outcomes in every seeming adverse circumstance.
  • ideals are intact even when it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient.
  • i say yes when it’s yes...i say no when it’s not... it's clear!
  • whenever i violate my own ideals i don’t allow my life to work... today i take out pretense and put in being true... even when it’s bothersome or unpopular.
  • integrity is congruence.
  • when i lack integrity i am missing what’s required to be true. so, i live as my ethical values and ideals today
  • honest and authentic in all that i say, feel, think and do... there is a prosperous tomorrow to experience RIGHT now... confidence to proceed is multiplied. RESULTS OCCUR. DOING ONLY GOOD NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS... gratitude grows.

Prospering is happening now

  • i have a life of wholeness, plenty and well-being... i am moving forward with what's next, and all things wonderful are happening. prosperity is happening.

  • it’s no longer the time to settle for less... more is planned. there is plenty to spare and share today.

  • I OPEN TO NEW GOOD, FINER GOOD, HIGHER GOOD. i accept the truth that i am an expression of prospering good for all those around me too.

  • self concern has given way to high action now. i can hire helpers and contribute to good ideas


  • i start projects in good order appropriately.

  • doubts, delay and dark hesitance is over.

  • new ideas become new projects and new results.

  • knowing what to do is easier and easier. health and wealth are a function of participation. i join in with others to strengten my skills and my resolve to move forward. CONFUSION EVAPORATES. darting around, changing my mind and breaking my word is over now..i am wiser knowing that when my word doesnt mean anything neither does what i create...

  • rather than sitting around  hoping things get handled, i am in action for better results. i do what i said i would do.

  • my goals are achieved, and helpers help spread light over earth.


  • i receive plenty and i give plenty today.

  • i am helping others as i move along to many new manifestations.

  • i permit prosperity for purposes of sharing.

  • love prompts me, prospers me and, lights up my heart looking for opportunities to prosper others.

  • what’s required is always present.

  • i know how to move forward to prosper.

  • I KNOW WHERE TO GO AND WHAT TO DO, to create abundance, goodwill and more giving.

  • good order becomes apparent.

  • good is moving forward...

  • greater joy, fulfillment and sharing is happening for me ,and all those around me. i am growing in gratitude more each day.

Bye Bye Discouragement

  • i no longer get discouraged when there is all that still, GROUND TO BE BROKEN, for progress to show.
  • now truth is apparent so, i END THE TRANCE of what kept me frozen... now i have decided, to be on purpose, work fast, get things done and out. i am an agent of production. it is spring...
  • I ENCOUNTER BREAKDOWNS WITH GOOD CHEER. i Take on opposition, and move in spite of it! this is the slip and slide of spring mud season. i don't get discouraged now.there are lots of false starts but i keep speeding ahead. i am not afraid to work imperfectly. there are many combinations of possibilities. i see them.
  • there is NEW HOPE . i have it. i build up practical working relationships. with new people. i have group and team support with projects. i am thankful and enlivened by this help.
  • new unions, coming together, getting to work my blending nature must adjust to the needs of others too. this spring is a time for devotion , self-sacrifice, and attention to family to be practiced also.
  • i don’t go solo now. i work hard and fast with others for actualizing possibilities and making required progress...
  • Spring is... a beginning all over again...using intuition; learning to follow and trust it. i am DASHING FORWARD QUICKly. i am willing to be overwhelmed often. i keep my head up !!!!
  • this is a time for ESTABLISHING BEAUTY in my surroundings and with my plans... i am renovating spaces for a breath of fresh air. i clean out,and get rid of what impedes progress... i eliminate lots of junk... i enforce order... i clear a SPACE FOR ACCOMPLISHMENT now.
  • i throw a lot of garbage away. i get rid of what will not forward the motion. i leap out for something fuIl-out... and, MAKE BOLD CHOICES.
  • i put my thinking, feeling, speaking and imagining behind something that is mine to do. i don't worry about it working perfectly. i JUMP INTO ACTION anyway. i am just getting started. it is the spring...

“Nothing relieves and ventilates the mind like resolution.”
~ John Burroughs

  • there is one LIFE, one LIGHT,
    one intelligent GUIDANCE of forward motion
    in the whole multiverse... our universe,
    our planet and ourselves included.

  • we are  in this one forward motion to a future
    we are intelligence within a larger movement 
    of intelligence... and aware of it today.

  • integrity is what’s always so...always operating...
    it’s what holds everything together... people keep
    their word... everything works together for good.

  •  we are  in order, in fine integrated, light infused format. 
    everything about us reflects divine, sublime order!
    disorder is over, chaos evaporates.
    whatever seems discordant, dark, angry,
    dreary or hurtful or entropic,is no longer
    with or around us, our houses, our work,
    family, friends, students or clients...

  • life each day is light-directed, forward moving
    ... on purpose, vital, syntrophic, quite happy
    and uplifted for us, with us, and all around us.
    our houses, projects ,family, friends, students,
    clients and colleagues are protected,
    encouraged and forthcoming. 
    anything that’s been hidden
    is revealed and corrected

  • INTEGRITY is present. 
    protection is ever present.
    INTEGRITY holds a divine pattern in order everyday.

  • divine order is our order... we are thankful...
    and so fully grateful this is true now
    and ongoingly! it is already done.  our lives are a continual unfolding
    of many divine possibilities...


  • There is an Omnipresence, Omnipotence,
    and Omniscience of Intelligence.
    It is all in all. We are part of all in all.
    Creation continues to create
    We continue to move forward today.
  • We live and move and have our being
    in the wisdom of the ages.
    Smart moves are easy to establish now.
    Divine Intelligence moves through us,
    to will and do what ought to be done.
  • Great wisdom is at work with us.
    We will not be what we are not.
  • Goodbye to appearances of slight attention,
    contrariness, offenses, restlessness,
    dissatisfaction and discouragement.
    All these ideas dissolve now... we are grateful.
  • We are governed and managed
    by many mighty miracle ideas.
    They are alive with us, strong and COMPELLING.
  • We are fully focused, persistent,
    attentive, agreeable, enthusiastic,
    satisfied and encouraged now.
    This is what's so...
    we are THANKFUL.
    ... and so, it is happening.

Dealing with Change

  • luminous being many times occurs from being broken open by change!

  • it's possible to walk into what seems darkness and trust that the wayout will be guided and directed... and blessings and wisdom will occur...

  • fearlessness can be located in deep inner being. It takes us beyond learned defenses, old crappy coping mechanisms and ancient wounds.

  • we can be active and go past what is dark, fearful and despairing. The genius of life and light ,brings hope, meaning and joy... when We are ready and willing to accept it.

  • From "dark experiences," we can make distinctions that confirm unyielding forces of wisdom. We have that ability to modify thoughts and re-create old feelings. These are the miraculous grace filled powers of intelligence.

  • now , in this new year , there are renewed recognitions of powerful ways to be... Today we are strengthening these skills... the excitement of possibility is boundless. Outstanding qualities of courage can occur... as Disturbances of doubt continue to dissolve.

  • chaos is extracted and left behind... We contribute into to the ongoing, unfolding new year.

  • the LIGHT draws to us everything required in ways of support and supply... It all accumulates around us, as we stay in the sure consciousness of it... It manifests today in all our affairs too. We are grateful for such incredible grace.

  • We are kind, thankfully happy and radically alive right in the middle of everything going on...

Excellent Holiday Season
We are gathering our thoughts and aiming actions to bring about cheerful celebrating this year for holidays...

  • WE declare there is GOOD in the upcoming holidays
    and that fine PLANS will come about easily...
    appropriate gatherings will happen...
    satisfaction and gratitude will be the result.
    we know exactly what to do and how to do it and who to do it with and where. we look to see where we can make a difference... what's required... what can be provided...
  • it will all work out extremely well. i am certain that ideas turn into wonderful outcomes... we know exactly how to prosperously proceed with more arrangements for celebrating.
  • we are open to new as well as traditional ideas as they arrive we develop the best ones... we are not getting stuck in only what we already know... we talk to people... we don't just invite people we ask to be invited too.
  • we select best ideas. we decide date and times, and who will be invited. we get some agreement and find people to work with to plan further... we have jobs that need doing around the results being pictured. we set up meetings with people for menus, decoration, invitation, etc. and make lists of what's to be done, purchased and planned further for...
  • we commit to results. we enter dates into the calendar. we box ourselves in with plans and get what needs to be procured for each event. we picture fine outcomes. we close other avenues finally that could have been possibilities. now, we settle into the creation of each event. we are ready for action to produce HOLIDAY results.
  • we know that it's good ahead of time. we control what we say to ourselves. we say often, outloud and in private conversations, "this is good, this is very good.these holidays are the best yet." happy and grateful ahead of time... we sing songs and watch movies of great holidays. we stay in a holiday mood. we say and listen to happy holiday affirmations. we borrow or buy new holiday clothing. we plan give-away items. we make give-away items. we get into heated up actions around the results selected for production.
  • we are thankful. we let go anxious thoughts. then we rest in the idea that it will be good, better, and best. we think, "this is very, very good," to have these holiday commitments... and we are happy that, "we already know what we are going to be doing and we are happy ahead of time!" we share what we am learning about hoidays with other people. THIS IS WHAT'S SO ABOUT US FOR THE HOLIDAYS THIS YEAR!!!

Holidays... Glad HOLIDAYS

"... all the bread on the water is earmarked for return to the power who cast it forth."
~ Joel Goldsmith

  • at holidays, i am glad more often. happy seasons are happening... for me and all the people i know.

  • i am thankful for what has been given to me. gratefulness helps me to be more fully alive.

  • whatever i give returns multiplied. PATTERNS OF PROSPERITY EXPAND NOW.

  • love penetrates my heart more deeply in this season.
    i am grateful for perfect holidays...

  • i give more often. i share abundance freely,
    certain that it returns to me in wonderful ways.
    my supply is never diminished by acts of generosity.

  • snug defensive isolation is melting away.
    ... my giving does good in ways that are unseen,
    as well as in obvious ways THAT I NOTICE.

  • i am happy, glad and satisfied.
    i include many people in my holiday plans...
    the holidays are festive, bright
    and not just about me this year.
    i am thankful and satisfied
    ahead of time.

Good can Never Really be Absent

  • any day in many ways we can be healed and freed from fear, lack, loss and limitation.
  • suffering has no power when vital understanding of truth prevails.
  • no thing is impossible to Divine laws of love and life. TODAY talents are put to good use, enabling right understanding and recognition of all the good.
  • when we know WHATS REALLY SO it sets us free from all discord, doubt.
  • Divine love is healing. ENABLING power is always in operation and available to guard and guide us into what's good. knowing we can not be separated from good is our job now.
  • good is never really absent, violated, or interrupted or even jeopardized when i recall that Divine law is the only true and genuine rule directing.
  • there is renewing, restoring, regenerating force of life at work eternally. i call it into action with me.
  • everywhere, every moment, without exception nothing is hopeless or beyond control, regardless of how it might seem or look.
  • light and love destroy any form of discord, discomfort, distress, or deterioration, whenever the emphasis is directed there.
  • i am affirming i have all the good needed now.

Today I am Improvising

"that i exist is a perpetual surprise, which is life." 
 ~ Rabindranath Tagore

"more of me comes out when i improvise." 
   ~ Edward Hopper

  • life is immense and i am never ever really  limited.
    i produce astonishing, amazing valuable work.

  • overwhelming grandeur is allowed now.
    the whole of LIFE and LIGHT informs my work.
    i am one of lifes finest creations. this is good.

  • improvising creates space for what's new.
    i no longer shrivel up or try so hard  to stay in the lines...

  • i have encounters of the finest kind...
    i am not afraid to improve... or take risks.

when others help me... my work is more magnificent!
... asking for help means listening to what
others have to say about my circumstance.

  • what truthfully must be done, happens easily with me.

  • i allow solutions to come from outside my usual box of thoughts.
    i welcome improvising.
     today i gratefully do more of it.

  • i welcome the mightiness of life
     which includes the multiverse.
    i am open to more of what i even don't know
    that i don't know... it is amazing.

  • i am grateful for new ideas...
    dumbness is not my best route.

  • i am able to, think beyond where i was taught.
    more capable and growing is what life is...
    and it's what i am, in my finest moments...

    i am open and receptive to the living spirit of truth...
    ... as an expression of LIGHT and LIFE,
    I AM empowered with wisdom
    and gratefully guided in
    many wise ways today.

well-being fills my mind with
forward thinking energy.


  • you affirm availability of the ability to heal healing is happening all over this world!
  • you are well, surrounded by a sense of good today.
    you are a spiritual IDEA not just a seeming body.
    creation is for you, not against you.
    you discover the thought that carries power is the
    one with conviction and certainty in it.

  • you are part of a perfect world of well being.
  • you can be calm, confident, and enrolled in healing.
  • the blessings of life are fully yours today.
    COMPLETE HEALING is yours to have now and later.
    a sense of freedom is yours to have and hold.

  • you are a powerful example of HEALING HAPPENING. unearthing and releasing old beliefs in sickness, disease and malfunction empowers you to stand free of them today.

  • you can be immersed deeply in good feelings, good thinking, and good expectations of PERFECT OUTCOMES.

  • prayers and intentions for you are now manifesting good results.
  • you easily remember being a multidimensional being of great power... connected to all of life everywhere.

    faster and finer than anyone ever thought possible. sustained and protected by LIVING LOVE today,
    you are so far above any evidence of strife or illness, despite anything that seems to be occurring. you are glad.

  • you are constantly aware of healing ideas
    and overwhelming, good possibilities.
    you are becomming a greater expression of your
    divine self... nothing of discord can enter your being.

    regardless of any appearance.
  • there is no suffering harm at all, with you. health is remembered...and, dominion is demonstrated.
  • you are alive, alert, and enthusiastic about life. divine love is constantly restoring you.
  • great thanks is given. gratitude is experienced. good is seen. all is well. this is true.


i promise to forgive
whatever hasn’t been forgiven... i am now forgiving it. whatever has contributed to:
feelings of being right. bitterness. resentment. unhappiness.
i am forgiving these things quickly and
a sense of freedom is mine now.

i don’t have to understand anything to forgive it.
i have power to forgive the past and the present. within me and outside me, i forgive it all.
this is my power and privilege to forgive.

i grant freedom now,
to all those i held in contempt.
i grant release now,
to all that hurt or harmed.
i grant freedom now,
to all that caused sadness or anger.
i grant freedom now,
to myself for what i’ve inflicted.

everything, everybody and myself are all free.
i move from ideas of harmful to ideas of harmless.

i forgive and let go of all that has obstructed.
i am no longer trapped in perceptions of animosity.
i have a great loss of interest in judging or interpreting others actions to be a source of conflict, worry or self-sabotage... really.
goodbye to that.

today i am susceptible to the love extended by others.
i forgive, therefore i am also forgiven and
all is cleared up. perfect healing of attitudes
and assumptions is taking place.
healing is happening in mind, body and circumstances now

everything is absolved and i am grateful. forgiveness is a power and privilege. everyone merits pardon.

every unforgiven body,situation, estimation, or standpoint is now pardoned, dismissed and exonerated. hostility and antagonisms are evaporated... they fade away...in good speed.

as i forgive, i am being forgiven too....
now ,and i am ever grateful...so it is...



... In the state of non-obstruction we begin...

... On this trip, in all directions the force of joy abounds... we move WITH happiness and humor... all challenges are subdued.

... the force of light bright prosperity is everywhere.
... there is plenty of strength and endurance for traveling. ... we are never overwhelmed, hesitant OR DOUBTFUL...
instead we are safe, confident, sure and persistent.
we know what to do,
when to do it and
when not to do it.

... Wherever we are, what occurs is forward motion
... goodwill is all around us...
... Firmly rooted miseries dissolve. triumph and victories abound.
... a sea of afflictions evaporates. YES.

... We speak auspicious language...
miraculous events happen whenever we show up...

We accomplish what we said we would accomplish.
... Effectiveness and wisdom show up everywhere.

... We perform appropriate deeds and make good choices nothing can keep us from knowing Happy joy abounds.
... Great gratitude occurs on our trips. generosity grows.

Broad and vast understanding prevails.
All beings are benefited on our trips.
we are thankful ahead of time for all the good
thats here today and all the good thats on its way...


i am traveling from outmoded habits
and old ways of being....
to awaken a certainty of amplified life

beyond suffering,
beyond complaining,
beyond old concepts
beyond feeling self pity and
beyond doubt that blocks
many miracles...

with allies to my comittments
and the help of beneficent archangels...
i can now live where limits are unknown
and it is a greater universe indeed.

there is always special help
on these forward moving progressions
where things cohere, relate, develop and grow...
and, its happening now.

i am grateful to be vulnerable enough
to ask for help and receive it abundantly.
i know that everything that is given to me
will always be shared...
getting can now cause giving
because giving causes getting in the first place!

thankfully, i am now stronger and brighter...
the graying world of ordinary space and time
is now the greening world of larger potential...
it is invigorated, with sacred potency!!! i am too!!!!!

i am constantly creating a world
of happy abundant capacity with
endless possibility...
it is all around wherever
i am now. i am deeply thankful.


Always Forgiving Each Other
Forgiving Treatment

  • i promise to forgive
  • whatever hasn’t been forgiven...
    i am now forgiving it. whatever has contributed to:
    feelings of being right. bitterness. resentment. unhappiness.
    i am always forgiving these things quickly now.
  • i don’t have to understand anything to forgive it.
  • i have power to forgive the past and the present. within me and outside me, i forgive it all.
  • i grant that freedom now,
    to all those i held in contempt.
  • i grant that freedom now,
    to all that hurt or harmed.
  • i grant that freedom now,
    to all that caused sadness or anger.
  • i grant that freedom now,
    to myself for what i’ve inflicted.
  • everything, everybody and myself are all free.
  • i move from ideas of harmful to ideas of harmless.
  • i forgive and let go of all that has obstructed.
  • i am no longer trapped in any animosity.
  • i have a great loss of interest in judging
    and interpreting others actions to be
    the source of conflict, worry or self-sabotage
  • i am susceptible to the love extended by others.
  • i forgive,therefore i am forgiven
    and all is cleared up. perfect healing of attitudes
    and assumptions is taking place.
    healing is happening in mind,
    body and circumstances now.
  • love is adjusting life
    and its seeming problems.
    my frame of reference is peaceful.
  • everything is absolved and i am grateful.
    forgiveness is a power and privilege.
    everyone merits pardon.
  • every unforgiven body, situation,
    estimation, or standpoint is now pardoned,
    dismissed and exonerated.
    hostility and antagonisms are evaporated...
    they fade away.
  • as i forgive, i am now forgiven by everyone and everything.
    realizing this, i create a space of peace and joyfulness.
    forgiveness takes away what separated us all...
    darkness has disappeared from my being now.
    i am ever grateful.


we are renewed with universal possibilities. DURING current de -constructions ...
we walk with certainty, calling up
necessary powers for creating immense
awakenings...and multiple new
relationships and results.

these are new moments ...the motion of life creates beginnings, right where endings were ... an inconceivable ocean of treasures is opening.

we become as vast as the sky
creating auspicious OPENING PATTERNS in the face of where previous things are ending and closing down.

we can do it...
and we are doing it...
we teach others to do it too.
we are designing a world that works
right in the middle of whats falling apart...

wherever there is
any massive breakdown
right now...there are amazing
new structures, ideas, events
and manifestations springing up.

the way is made ready...

many miracles are happening
in the middle of unexpected messy situations....
in peoples lives, as well as, in local locations. SAFETY PREVAILS....

being as vast as the sky ,we effect things!
life itself depends on people who have woken up from the dream that we are separate or powerless!
our thoughts shift things today, we see it,
and we continue to use our thoughts
in wise ways....with each other
for co-creating realities

perceptions are no longer rigid or absolute...

goodbye old patterns of defeat or depressioin.
bye bye past patterns... bye bye old habits.

now, in so many ways, there is rememberance
that we were born for these times.
we are cheerfuly in action, determined for whats next.

changes go better when cooperated with.....
and transitions occur more beneficently.
we trust life that is unfolding now....and today,
consistent fortunate blessings are happening
no matter what anything seems like...
great gratitude
shines stronger through time.



... i produce much.
... i stay on purpose today.
... i give up, what only distracts me.
... i take on, what brings me where i’m headed.
... i refuse to use what’s inappropriate for me.
... i move into patterns of action that keep me productive.
... my actions are aligned with results i desire.
... i overcome all odds, on my path.
... i am grateful for continuing ability to work hard. AND I Accomplish with Assurance

... i know what to do, and i do it thankfully.
... i look beyond doubt to new outcomes.
... i am satisfied AND empowered, i accomplish visions with ease.

... i overcome obstacles to accomplishment. ... SPIRIT is active with me in all situations.
... i bring vision into action, step by step.
... i am expanding ability by learning as i work now.

... everyday, in every way,things are getting better and better.
... i am grateful for all the good continuing to come my way.
... understanding forwards me in all work. i trust intuition even more.
... leaving behind worry, i take on enthusiasm.

... what used to seem impossible is now possible.
... i get the facts i need, to be assured and do excellent work.
... all acknowledgements empower me to surpass previous performance.

... i am learning and remembering at a very fast rate as i move quickly.
... people are pleased with my progress. and i am pleased with the progress...
... i know what to do, and i do it thankfully.



i am connected to my creator and all people. my life is no longer just all about me.

... knowing that we are all wrapped in one plan i can demonstrate empathy and understanding more and better this holiday season.

... what i dont like in others is usually what i cant stand about myself, even if, i think i am over being like what i dont like... i am still compassionate. i can listen. i can still be taught by what i try to run from, and slow down.

... from an earthy born self to a more exalted expession... thats where i am headed... happily and thankfully. i have humor about acting like a jerk sometimes... when i forgive myself for whats yukky, i also forgive more others for all the faults i redirect over onto them because they look better over there when i perceive them away from me...

...this holiday season small satisfactions as well as many huge miracles are happening. i am planting seeds of more miracles by going out of my way for others... and putting up with discomfort to help, where i can.

... i give up just thinking about myself and what i want or dont want... there is a new quickness to overcome my reactive nature.

... darkness is made light... greater light is revealed. i light candles and put up lights to remind myself and others of possibility and goodness, always available!

... the spirit of transformation prevails and all endings are happy ones... when i remember, nothing is ever removed that wont be replaced by some better circumstance, no matter how long it takes!

... i know everything works out well. i am giving, sharing and loving more and better this season... living in fulfillment.

... my positive progress is directed and expressed excellently... and giving causes everyone to feel greater joy in living through this holiday season. i am glad and grateful to celebrate power of turning darkness to light... thanks to my creator, i am created that way...


"That I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life." ~ Rabind Ranath Tagore

"More of me comes out when I improvise."
~ Edward Hopper

Life is immense and I am never limited.

I produce astounding, amazing valuable work.

Overwhelming grandeur is allowed now. The whole of life and light can inform our work. I am one of life's finest creations.

Improvising creates space for what's new to occur.

I no longer shrivel up and try to stay in the lines.

I have encounters of the finest kind... i am not afraid to improve. I am talented and contributed to, when others help me….I am more magnificent!

Asking for help means listening to what others have to say about my circumstance.

What truthfully must be done happens with me.

I allow solutions to come from outside my usual box of thoughts. I welcome improvising.

I welcome the mightiness of life which includes the heavens.

I am grateful for new ideas. Dumbness is not my route.

I am able to think beyond where I knew

I am wiser, more capable, grateful and growing.

I am really, simply, certainly sure to exist and surprise others with possibilities too...


Weather Storm Declarations

we are grateful to have help in all stormy weather.

we intend for direction each step of the way. we get it.

we always master storms easily and fast. we have authority with conditions today.

we follow intuition about weather patterns today.

we look up, to predict what’s needed next.
we know what to do and we do it.
we can tell what’s next with accuracy.
we do what’s required in good time sequences.
we know when to request intention and ask for help

in challenging weather everybody rallies to stick their necks out for others.

storms are now subdued in many ways.

no loss can occur from trusting God’s protection in storms.

all uneasy weather is tamed and aimed away from people.

happy results are always the outcome in weather predicaments and challenges.

bad weather is always over quickly. miracles are occurring... we accept them gladly.

oncoming disturbances pass by faster than anyone ever even thought possible. we are so grateful....

safety prevails. wise choice prevails.
good company prevails.

we have a rainbow in every storm. we see it.
great gratitude grows. we are thankful now.


New Autumn Changes

there are always new options and possibilities.

i have given up huge dramatic problems as evidence that i am alive....

i have given up thinking about how wrong everyone else is... judgements dissolve.

i look for the best, in situations. when i can’t see it, i declare that it’s there, soon i see it very clearly.

changing moves things along.

i focus on what i want to see more of... i am happy to know how to do this new thinking. the whole day is a gift when i think in this new way.

i let go negative views and injured feelings... i am open hearted and open minded. changing blesses me.

new realizations are everywhere. gratefulness is deep. thankfulness transforms today, many ways.

i move forward into a doubtless tomorrow with great wisdom.

autumn brings welcome changing.

i respond gratefully to situations.

i am more joyful. chaos subsides.

Thanksgiving takes up a bigger part of each day.

whatever i am grateful for makes me happy.

workable ways always occur.

everything works together for good as changing continues outworking.

progress has continuance now. i am thankfully in motion for greater good.


Dealing with Difficult Times

in the face of all kinds of conditions, my ability to love and share is growing deeper.

i have simple direct relationships.  i no longer get involved in stories...i watch what people do. i hear what they say they will do...i see the differences.

low integrity people are no longer of much interest to me. I let them be where they are. there is less deception going on now.

Clear seeing is occurring. I drop whatever tales I am telling myself that bring up fear, or distress. I no longer lean into emotions for long amounts of time.

Confusion and chaos drift away…. as my attention to them wanes. i cultivate fearlessness today.

A sense of joy in living is always available to me. thankfully, i select it more often.

rich treasure is always available. choices take me only where it’s best to go.

available time is useful and meaningful.

i always have what's necessary in each moment. i give up trying to hoard and clutch who or what I haven’t much of...

gratitude and an ability to share grows in me now. that's whats so....i look to a future happily knowing only the best comes to me. i remain in an attitude of gratitude...the prospering attitude.



today i repair broken lines of communication.

re-establishing a connection to
the divine energy of the CREATOR
is my job for this season.

what impedes progress is gladly given up today.

i know how to connect to the power of word and action.... and that's what i am doing now.

cold and bitter behavior obstructs my good.
i give up any tendancies and attitudes in that direction.

i look inward and identify my faults in this
autumn season...i admit and reconfigure behaviors that missed the mark. i ask forgiveness.

i eagerly uproot traits that don't take me where i really intend to go in this lifetime. i alter destiny in this way.

i am grateful to be awake to these opportunities
to clean house and get up online with intentions.

i give up tragic stories and self pity as smoke screens. melodramatic inclinations leave me now. i play true.

i manifest intentions in the world for myself and others.

i no longer strive only to get good for myself.
i serve the future and share what i get.....
i am more generous than i have ever been.  



I have it to give

no matter how much i think “i already shared,”
or “okay, i have shared enough now,”
it’s never the end
of sharing and giving.
giving goes on and on......

giving more often. 
giving better. 
upping the ante. 
i just keep on stretching further
to insult that wish to pull back,
that wish to contract, or hoard,
that wish to keep it instead of sharing it..

today’s job is sharing bigger. 
if i paid sixty dollars for the food
to be cooked for the event
then i can pay one hundred and sixty,
then i can pay two hundred,
then i can pay three hundred and fifty.

every time i shell out more money
i say to myself, “i have it to give.”
that makes me believe it ,
like an experience. . .
in  body, mind and spirit...........
i have it to give.
i can only really  get whatever i can share .

there is plenty to spare and share. 
of course, how else would i
come to understand this? 
i have to live it.
i make it true because i said so.
this is my movie, my life.



when i give up the idea that i have to do everything
on my own. . .i win, and so do all those around me. 

that tight clench of solitary self that suffers,
that has such burden, gives way to a lighthearted creature that can be helped. i win when other people are standing with me, side by side, working too. 

i don’t win because i was burdened and
had a victory. 
i don’t win because i am superior. 
i don't win because i overcame impossibility.
i win cause i am just like everyone else. 
i do better with help from my friends.

it takes a lot of awakeness to finally realize this. 
there is a wonderful happiness that comes about
to be like everyone else.  a liberation. . .
a transformation.

i feel grateful for all the help i get. .
for all the good that is so. . . and for
all the progress that occurs,
when i am committed to happiness
with others and not instead of others.

what there is to do,
be, and have
to be happy,
gets easier
and easier.

it is simple to be happy.

i am so grateful
to be learning still...



life wants me to succeed.
i expect to succeed.
i affirm that i am getting results now.


i am victorious with challenges. 
i always go forward to greater good. 
i meet disappointing experiences constructively. 
i leave behind thinking anything is an injustice.
i never think oh look how someone is getting better good than me....

i persist to succeed.   I SPEAK IN
rather than apparent dreary outcomes day by day.
i am learning to speak what i intend instead of complaining...

i use the picturing power
of mind...  good comes  in wonderful ways.

disappointments do not depress me
Divine dissatisfactions give me incentive to launch
forward into new, untried experiences elsewhere. 
now, success appears, good breaks forth in wonderful ways.
all fear and ego then subside. 
i go out to meet new experiences.

in clearing away all thoughts of fear,
i am grateful even before it arrives.....
all this is true...i am thankful over and over....

TODAY  affirmations

TODAY energy is drawn from a superior SOURCE...
when i get quiet to recall THAT what is seen is not all there is.....

i reveal a great deal of light
with appropriate choices NOW.  

today decisive actions are taken.  
certainty underlines my commitments.
i can be counted on for what i said....

justice is served now.  
spiritual truth is beyond logic.  

i trust the GOOD...i take action to reveal light.
there is plenty of good fortune, to spare and share.
there is plenty more of every good thing.

home, family, friendship, and relationships have more 
 of my time now.i am flexible and generous in relationship today.

i am a wizard of doing what is wise...i am grateful.....

affirmation, intention and possibility make life better and better 
innovation,motivation and understanding brings good success



the POWER that created me, heals me.
i can depend on this ,it is certain.
that which i am is forever connected
with the sustaining force of creation.
light, power and truth move through
the manifestation -in -form, that i take now.
i am really thankful today.

i am never left, or let down. i am sustained...
nourished and upheld...all my channels of
divine renewing influx are
open and receptive to
the living spirit of truth.

wherever any blockage or stopping
may appear, i set the healing force
in motion within....there is no resistance.
i am perfectly agreeable to health,
well-being and vital aliveness....now.

i have  the vibrant aliveness of perfect circulation.
every tissue and organ
of my body demonstrates
perfect assimilation
and perfect elimination....
i am perfect, health and well being.
and so, grateful  is how i remain....
this is the truth about me now.


I DARE TO BE PROSPERING                        

life moves and expresses presence.

UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY  is always with me.   nothing holds my consciousness to yesterday.


to prosper is to engage the energy of CIRCULATION projecting it into auspicious FUTURES. TODAY I QUIT HOLDING ON

i have  skill of being able to see evidence
of what i intend before i see it manifest... limitless PROSPERING is my potential.
this opens up futures of  plenty .

actions OF SHARING result in good for all  i encounter today as i envision  futures of limitless potential for us all....

all  creatures of this world are prospering in new ways today..... NEW DIRECTIONS and
perceptions OPEN UP.
greater options are uncovered.
impeccable right actions are HAPPENING.
loving solutions are apparent.
all tensions are dissolving AWAY.
things turn out well.
i anticipate further excellent circumstances.
i am fortunate, successful, and grateful.
i take time each day to find and see
even more clues that more good is on the way .
i have the power to say what it is that i see.
i have wide vistas in view of auspicious futures....

no matter whats being reported in the news.
i know what to do and i do it.
i know where to go and i go there
i know what to remember and i think of it.
i know that giving causes getting...
the more i give, the more i get..

will is directly connected to sight.
for a favorable future unlike the past. what i yearn for is already stacking up to happen... i see and apprehend cues of its coming.

what i am declaring and what i am perceiving  are related ongoingly.
my life reflects harmony and unity.
i know and expect continuous
creative prospering perspectives.
there is today intelligence, love and                        endless possibility.
i am that possibility.
I AM a PROSPERITY person  today....           
expressing and thankfully experiencing                patterns of INCREASING divine order
peace...health... wealth and happiness.
i am continuously seeing more signs
that i am the rich child of a loving creator.
I DARE to continue TO PROSPER NOW.
i am thankful this is the truth about me
and all the others  always around me.


things to do today

...claim dominion over material world.
let go of thoughts that scare you...
stop thinking of what seems scarce
start thinking of miracles, plenty, and
what you can do for others...commit to
some project where you are giving.

...get into Uplifted Prosperous State of Mind
do whatever you have to do , affirmations, clearing, listing, looking at image books, reading prosperity books, writing...

...step forward one step at a time.
go to the invisible domain of rich ideas...
let those new  ideas come ...feel gratitude.
remember everytime you seemed to have
not enuf money, right after that money came !

... call on divine intelligence.
speak prosperity decrees and list intentions
make picture maps of whats intended
let  new ideas stay with you awhile
so you can know how to act for them soon.

...cultivate some quiet time
to consider ideas being received..
and that you have seen rough times before
they havent destroyed you yet.

...get into action
quietly and doubtlessly...
get a partner that will laugh with you.

good is on its way to me

thankful already, i know good is in store for me.
i do attract greater good into my life now.
i am cutting through some fogs of fear and doubt
that  may surround others, and ... i count on good .

good things are possible,  i know this..
i refuse to accept any other outcomes.
i leave negative assumptions
and interpretations behind.

gratitude increases
with every evidence
of fine change and more honesty....
with less attachment, i move forward
to create multi-faceted miracles this year.
the results are amazing, they keep coming....

my resolutions are intentions.
i am looking for good to spread and share.
i am directed, encouraged and supported...
i know what to do in everyway today. 

being grateful
i  attract even more
excellent results.
i  make the highest choices
in all situations and circumstances.


winter good cheer

I am located in good cheer.
I welcome this winter time to have fun
… laugh and rest up for spring sprout
and surge.
I refuse unhealthy pressure.
There is plenty of time for  deep thought.
I am increasingly grateful.
What’s needed always comes to me.

I am protected by intuition, knowledge,
wisdom, right timing, the help of others and
divine healing  patterns.

I am grateful:
To harvest and extend gratitude
To participate with intention
To apply constructive approaches
To find solutions to problems
To break limitation
To heal conditions
To uplift  the people around me
To bring out the good
To believe in unlimited good

today I let go living in my head.
I am in touch with gut instinct,
true feelings and real desires.
Innate intelligence is always guiding me.
I have stable good cheer all winter long....


I catch and cast a net of good.
I cast my net to good new ideas.

I know the blueprints of  a future
unlike the past.

good thinking inner work is done daily....
I move forward compete in each moment
from good intention
I have the sense of purpose:
To provide possibility everywhere.
To free people from burden .
To introduce new alliances.
To create what is required.
To go beyond barren experiences.

all this is true about me, and i am thankful.
i know the attitude of gratitude brings prosperity.
amen. amen.


good prevails

i turn to the presence of pure light
at the center of being.

i discover the GOOD that is always here.
i am grateful again to return attention there.
any seeming obstruction or snag in the pathway
of progress, loses its grip on me for good,
when i remember that, GOOD prevails.

reside in and under all
people, events and circumstances.
i accept this manifestation in my life......
this is what i experience.
i resolve to see the GOOD
in everyone, and every event.

i refuse to accept or acknowledge
that anything other than GOOD
can come into my life.

i now face living
and filled with exhuberance,
possibility and joyful expectation.
this is what's true about me
today and all  tomorrows.
for this, i am thankful now.

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