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Personal Coaching with Toni Stone
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“Let’s start where we’d like to end…if you don’t stand for SOMETHING, you will fall for anything.”
Prosperity Consulting with Toni Stone

Toni StoneToni
Stone is a masterful coach in recognizing patterns that obstruct prosperous living. She has been coaching individuals for over three decades. In person and by phone, clients gain clarity, accountability, action and results. Coaching provides a structure for intended results. Sessions are usually 25 minutes. Work is done on a love offering basis.

A native Bostonian, Toni started teaching in the neighborhoods of Boston MA and on Cape Cod where she had her studio for 10 years. For a decade, she flew around the country mostly to San Francisco, Ohio, and New York. In 1989, she located her practice in the Vermont foothills of the green mountains. There she started a small publishing company to produce her affirmation books, day books, work books and text books. She also introduced the art of patchwork quilting in her training programs as a way for students to have a bigger view of life’s possibilities. She became an avid patchwork quilter, making over 200 quilts each year, with the help of local stitchers. Her last magnanimous incident was giving 150 quilts to the Green Mountain Nursing Home for holiday celebrations.

With weekly or monthly phone appointments, clients are sent work sheets with “to do items” that they agreed to. This provides the accountability so often missing in failed projects. Hiring a prosperity coach is a good way to make a wish for more income into reliable increasing income.

For information about and scheduling consulting sessions with Toni Stone, please call her at 802-849-2257.

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