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From Toni Stone's book:

Everything Works
Out Well
A Metaphysical
Affirmation Book
from New England
for the Nation


New Year

  • i move into the new year beyond fear, doubt and what used to hold me back.
  • with a sense of dominion, i plan tomorrow with ease.
  • what's required is revealed. knowledge within guides me.
  • possibility moves out of dim potential and into proactive movements.
  • i am dwelling in the presence of peace, calm, and gratefulness.
  • i REFUSE destructive tendencies and patterns.with awareness i plan
    for plenty. i am radiating new confidence.
  • obstruction is dissolved. good is assured. i am steadfast and confident.
  • i am sharing what i have and what i get.
  • i transmute the fear and frustration of yesterday.
  • i take action to bring about new designs for this year.
  • i fulfill greater purpose in the world.
  • i am clear, observant, ready to respond and eager to give more today.
  • i am grateful for a new year to continue progress in good order.

Good Outcomes

  • endless, unlimited good comes from everywhere. everything is going successfully though quietly. i have increased assurances of good outcomes.
  • i am paying attention successfully.
  • i stay with commitments, having them bear fruit as i advance ....
  • i continue to complete, finish and think deeply now. resting gives me a rich, expansive space.
  • i can and do, research and develop ideas with tremendous regenerating energies. i am inspired in resting.
  • i leave behind who i used to be.
  • new good ideas come easily to me. my projects are moving even when
    i am not working on them.
  • i look over what's been done and i make new plans for an excellent future.
  • in quietness and rest, i am assured of new good outcomes.

Higher Purpose in Challenging Circumstances

  • divine law is ever operative. i bring order and good harmony into full consciousness now.
  • I PERCEIVE APPROPRIATELY and act upon right ideas.
  • i am enlightened, inspired and grateful too.
  • i am obedient to higher purpose.
  • i am strengthened in making good choices.
  • i am always supplied. right ideas enable me.
  • i am thankful, help is always reaching me.
    motions and choices today.
  • right ideas followed, bring sure appropriate results.
  • i give up false beliefs quickly. I LET GO ERROR THOUGHT.
  • obedience to principle is always an auspicious choice.
  • i acknowledge ONE PERFECT ORDER.
  • i reflect perfection in all circumstances.
  • right order is always my choice.
  • there is success, and plenty now.
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