A Tree Laying Over the River

Toni Stone
401 Buck Hollow Rd.
Fairfax, VT 05454                                                            May 8, 2000

A Tree Laying Over the River

i saw that again, the tree to the right on the highway, halfway to Burlington.

its been bothering me awhile now, ever since the storm knocked it over right into the river. it is a big tree. it is probably eight or nine years old. the bottom root ball should have held it firm, but it doesn’t look deep or wide enough now that its showing up on top, toppled over. the tree is laying across the edge of the river. half of it is under water. the other half is growing leaves and still doing what trees do. the underwater half is providing playground for fish or just straining the water through its branches.

as the tree lays in the river nonchalantly, the revealed root system is half up on top and half still attached into the forest ground at river’s edge. . .this must be the secret of how it keeps on going. there was no going out of business. there was no death of tree. there was no removal of dysfunctional trees. everything just went on as it does. . .

for those accused of coming from homes where things should have been better. . .

maybe nature makes things fine anyway.

at first i felt embarrassed for the tree. i would ride by and try not to look at it. it seemed like it wouldn’t live, but it did. now, two years later, this tree is in its second set of seasons and i cheer for the tree inside each time i ride by. i slow down a little to appreciate how things can work under all kinds of circumstances.

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