About the money

About the money

♥ deserving to be prosperous today i set wider goals.

♥ i deserve to receive money and i do now.
♥ much money passes through without worry.
♥ the more i give, the more is given to me. giving works wonders for me… i am grateful.

♥ i know the truth of these giving ideas now. i give wider. i keep open about where money will come right now. money is flowing even now… open to receive… i do not narrow focus to just certain people, old places, familiar situations or known things.

♥ good comes from everywhere.
♥ i accept good with plenty of gratitude.
♥ i freely receive good and give good.

♥ good is plenty here and now. i look for it each day.
i do not hold it on reserve for tomorrows future moments.

♥ i have all the money, and plenty more to give
♥ i give now, trusting the flow to continue, it does.
♥ universe uncovers everything required.
♥ loving and secure… crazy fear is gone.

♥ coincidences and happy surprises are everywhere.
♥ cash flows into the world, and returns increased.
♥ i always continue to keep up giving. holding on is past. holding onto checks and waiting till another date is over.

♥ it is okay to be happy and prosper others.
♥ the world is a pretty colorful, and beautiful place.
♥ my thoughts are bright. wealth contributes…
♥ radiant and sparkling contributions occur with me… financially successful… income exceeds expenses.

♥ the more willing i am to prosper others, the more willing others are to prosper me.

♥ i am incredibly grateful now to give up being a poor person. my contributing is expansive and prospers all those around me… i am grateful indeed.