Adirondack Chairs

this year we didn’t get the wooden Adirondack chairs into the lower garage before first snow. red and green, the two of them sat out through the frost for six months. they did not seem to mind. it was not the coldest winter.

in the snow they added that note of color we looked for, out the windows daily.
a measure of how-deep, (or not),-the-snow-was. could be seen on them.
it was up to the seat, it was up to the armrest and one day,
it was almost covering the whole wood frame.

as they say “it melts fast in the spring.” all the snow is gone now.

today there is a butterfly right where Steve moved the caterpillar on the snow at Groundhog Day. it could be the same one. i saw the first fly days ago.
i never thought i would rejoice in the sight of a housefly, but they
resurrect themselves from between the screen and outside windows at
just the proper time each year. tonight, i think the insects might be back
on the screen. the tulips might even be here by Easter, if the sun keeps shining. time to start the seeds and get the swimming pool cleaned out.

i will go out and sit in those seats today. i will sit in them both. i will be grateful for all they went through out there in the cold and ice reminding me of when,
i could come out again, and sit to see the mountains from my yard.

this was a seemingly fast and not so hard winter….either that,
or i just don’t mind it much anymore….