Darkness gives way to brilliant light

Darkness gives way to brilliant light

• i am open and receptive to the living spirit of TRUTH.
  the miracle working power of BEING.. the brilliant LIGHT of CREATION.
  I expect that Divine ideas will come to me each day.

• i expect that what’s required is always present.

• i expect that i recognize what’s appropriate and act for good in every moment.

• life-giving directions are provided,
  i accept them and nothing less.
i am blessed in ways that are unexpected.

• Spirit’s supremacy reveals the light of life.

• problems actually disappear altogether… and darkness gives way to brilliant light,
in all areas of my life.
  i am grateful.

• i have a deeper acceptance and understanding of what’s needed and wanted
for a life lived abundantly.

• as i give thanks, and feel grateful more and more often,
i open the way for more miracles and happy surprises in my life.