Don’t Worry No matter what anything looks Like

Don’t Worry No matter what anything looks Like

(Revised Psalm 37)

Don’t worry incessantly about incongruity or lack of integrity. Wrongdoers wither quickly in power, they fade. Do good yourself and cultivate faithfulness. Good prevails … no matter what anything looks like. Commit yourself to highest good. The laws of life can be depended on, even though not seen. Count on life… count on the Divine.

Even when you have to wait patiently

Even when you’d rather be running ahead in the fast lane. Schemes may appear to prosper, but it’s only temporary; wait and see. Give up getting angry. Evil doers are cut off… it’s still true.

Good prevails no matter what anything looks like. Although evil doers try to slow down and stop the way of the Heart, it does not work; instead they are stopped. Intelligence cannot be outwitted. The giving heart who works in love always wins even in the middle of what looks like disaster. The enemies of the way of the Heart are always undone.

They vanish, like smoke.

They do not come out winning,

even if it appears that way at first.

Those who live the way of the Heart…

the way of doing good the way of always serving they are unreasonably blessed and assured of surprising good will for no apparent reason. The steps of all people are established by the Divine.

The Divine, in an unseen way, holds the hand of one who lives and gives from the Heart. He or she always lands on good, no matter what appears to befall them. There is never an exception to these Divine protections… count on life.

Commit to highest good and serve always.

The way of the Heart is still true today. Good prevails.

No matter what anything looks like…