Green cake

Toni Stone March 28, 2002
401 Buck Hollow Road
Fairfax, VT 05454

Green cake

some things i am thankful and grateful for, would have to include an evening of green food
. . . this was a fine idea to have all the food be green,
either naturally or dyed with food color.

when i called the bakery to ask for a green cake with green frosting,
she said, “yes. i can do that.” when i picked it up she said,
“i had never made a green cake before.” i told her,
“what a total deprivation, to have to eat cake that’s yellow or brown all the time.”
she seemed surprised.

people are always surprised by thinking that’s outside the lines. . .
but, who drew the lines? my lines don’t line up there. i don’t know why.
it would be easier if they did. my Mother made rainbow cakes, marble cakes
and pink cakes. . .those were the ones that interested me most.

the baker asked, “why are you serving green cake?” i told her,
“because i want to. its spring. its a party. all the food will be green.” she grinned,
but i don’t think she’ll ever have a party with green food.

her face didn’t look like she could. . .