when i give up the idea that i have to do everything
on my own. . .i win, and so do all those around me.

that tight clench of solitary self that suffers,
that has such burden, gives way to a lighthearted creature that can be helped.

i win when other people are standing with me, side by side, working too.

i don’t win because i was burdened and had a victory.
i don’t win because i am superior.
i don’t win because i overcame impossibility.
i win cause i am just like everyone else.
i do better with help from my friends.

it takes a lot of awakeness to finally realize this.
there is a wonderful happiness that comes about
to be like everyone else.  a liberation. . .
a transformation.

i feel grateful for all the help i get. .
for all the good that is so. . . and for
all the progress that occurs,
when i am committed to happiness
with others and not instead of others.

what there is to do,
be, and have
to be happy,
gets easier
and easier.

it is simple to be happy.

i am so grateful
to be learning still….