i have what it takes in integrity

i have what it takes in integrity

• i have integrity. i live how i talk. my position is true.

• i am consistent in thinking, speaking and doing.

• i am fully accountable for who i am and what i said …

• reliable patterns in character are mine today.

• discipline is easy for me. i do what i said i would do.

• i am consistently & habitually-on-purpose.

• i do away with what doesn’t aim toward the goal.

• i demonstrate the ability to renounce and eliminate what doesn’t work, to bring about successful completions.

• i am capable of commitment. i live true.

• i am being deeply moved to work.

• i have a response that accounts for what i am devoted to … each day.

• i produce unions and collaborations wherever i go.

• i give full percent thrust to what i’ve committed.