i Know How to Work

i Know How to Work
“There is no greater mistake than to suppose one is too good for the work called upon to do…”

• light of life is what i represent in working. i have pure methods and supreme insights in all work.
• i am not separated from Divine Order.
my projects are successful beyond what i imagine… prospects improve.
each day i sincerely contemplate what i am doing. i am happy doing it.
all my doing reflects a process of right timing.
• i am directed and guided in all projects.
• confusions are quickly dissolved
• associates are clear and committed. communications are clear and committed. i respond to intuition in the marketplace.
i am seeing and hearing in undistorted ways.
• i work in cooperation with dedicated others. life changes as a result of my working.
Ideal influence is actively at work with me.
• failure is temporary. i know how to work without compulsive mental activity.
• doing little things well is a step toward doing big things excellently.
my work is for a world that works. i allow good ideas to direct work.
• i forever remain guided in all planning. finishing plans in good order is happening.
• all working is a fine experience for me. i express gratitude and magnanimity in all working.
i am able to finish projects in good order and start them appropriately.
• when i am only working, where “i-already-know-it-works” i am not working enough.