More Grateful Each Day

More Grateful Each Day

• I grow more grateful everyday.

• i know that gratitude is the prospering attitude. positive energy abounds.

• i act for possibility instead of replaying the past.

• i allow thankfulness and possibility to replace disorientation.

• …feeling thanks after something good happens is a very fine response but, feeling grateful before it even happens is a spiritual skill i am learning now…

• i have wider willingness and humility to create vitalizing changes, in my attitudes and postures.

• old angers and resentments based on the conviction that i am not getting enough of what i deserve are now drifting sway.

• i see, those postures, will not take me where i haven’t been already.

• i act away from previous structures which stopped me from succeeding.

• i let others help me with new skill development…
i can do something that i didn’t think of first.

• i can be supportable…and, today old mistakes drift away.
with support, i have changed my attitudes and perspectives.

• i’m on target with feeling more grateful for all that i already have.