peaceful and slightly morose…

March 7, 2008
peaceful and slightly morose…

some people are getting really tired of winter,
but we are sitting downstairs during a power outage
with our candles and flashlights. now, it’s pitch black outside and inside, except for where ihave put the votives.
people are always asking me, when they visit, “how come vou have so many candles around?”
i tell them, “well you never know. you never know when you might need them. we’re ready.”
outside, the trees are leaning over, beleaguered with ice.
some may have cracked, but we haven’t. we are eating
peanut butter and jam on rice crackers. a perfect meal
for a no-power night, when iam sitting here making lists
of what’s missing for times like these…a backup box of batteries, flashlights that work. . more transistor radios. . available candle holders and emergency lights. we have a lot of time to consider missing or scarce items.
the power has been off since four and it’s almost eight pm.
iam glad we didn’t have to go to Boston this month.
we would have been trying to get back through ice, sleet, freezing rain,
hail and snow. it’s definitely a stay-at-home kind of weather weekend.
it seems both peaceful and slightly morose
when the power goes out. upstairs, we have taper candies
and votives set up in almost every room. downstairs,
it’s not as savvy a setting for no power. we scamper around finding candleholders and flashlights that work. after eighteen years in Vermont,
i would have thought this would have been figured out more comprehensively.