Popular Reasons

popular reasons why not to do what you said you would:

1. there’s 4 feet of snow, i can’t get out of my driveway.
it’s snowing and icy, it’s too cold.

2. i didn’t mean it when i agreed to do it.
i only said yes because it was your idea, not mine.

3. i never agreed to it in the first place.
you only thought i did because you wanted me to. . .

4. it’s too hot and sticky and humid.

5. i’m waiting for a message from God.

6. it’s too expensive, i can’t really afford it right now,
when i can i, i’ll call you back.

7. i’m buying a house and the papers haven’t passed yet,
so we are cutting down on all our expenses, like chocolate,
aspirins and transformation groups.

8. i can’t decide whether to do what i said i would do or not. . .
i have to think about it more. . .i’ll get back to you later.

9. my angels told me not to do it. my intuition and guidance told me
i had made the wrong choice, i have to abide by what my
Divine guidance says, so i won’t be doing what i said.

10. i don’t want to do it and because i usually do everything
i said i would do, this is a big breakthrough for me to not do it.

11. my doctor said i can’t do what i said i would do
because of irregular eating schedules.

12. it’s not the right time now. i thought it was, but i was wrong.
the circumstances are too difficult. circumstances tell me
whether to do what i said i would do or not.

13. the reason i will not do it
is i’m not taking care of me.
you see, since i said i would do it,
it has brought me the realization
that i don’t want to do it. . .
so, thank you for the opportunity to see that.