Protecting Presence Dispels Danger 

Protecting Presence Dispels Danger 

“He who prays for rain to fall or stop falling…
helps to dissolve the cause of the unsatisfactory condition… if his faith and understanding are great enough…” 

– by Clinton E. Bernard, 1931 

  • GOD is all in all, the only power acting.
  • Inherent dominion is ours to claim.
    The power of INTELLIGENCE is ours to use.
    we use it to declare, PEACEFUL INFLUENCE with the elements.
  • we speak the word of HARMONY for weather, now.
  • Chaos in climate is dissolved.
    Good weather has chances to occur, today.
  • ABATEMENT OF STORMS is happening in this vicinity.
  • Weather conditions quickly return to normal.
  • Droughts are ended… dust storms dissipate.
  • Floods subside… tornadoes dissolve.
  • Earthquakes are AVOIDED.
  • High winds calm down.
  • Atmospheric disturbances are avoided.
  • Water supplies are equalized… everyone is thankful.
  • The protecting presence
    and POWER OF GOD moves in all weather circumstances
    here and now.
  • we act in wisdom, love, good judgement and faith for orderly adjustment of all that concerns
    the welfare of all that lives in our world.
  • DIVINE ORDER is restored to the minds and hearts of people, in the heavens and in all creatures,today. we are grateful that all things
    work together for GOOD, now.