Real Prospering

Real Prospering

“Four months more, then comes the harvest?
But I tell you, look around you, and see how some places are already ripe for harvesting.” — John 4:35

prosperity is mine to have, i am choosing it.
real prospering is the intention and ability to continually choose miracles of possibility.
i give up the urge to suffer and talk about it over and over… at great lengths today…

i am conscious and present i leave behind falling asleep in my spiritual practices….
goodbye ego addictions, feeling sad and sorry for self, negative behaviors, darkness, and all manner of chaos and doubt.
i am released from what’s not needed now.
i am bringing in more good by facing hidden weaknesses…
and dismissing them with discipline, integrity and commitment

what’s been hidden is revealed.
i am grateful as i continue to evolve in spiritual understanding…