The Truth About Me

The Truth About Me

the POWER that created me, heals me.
i can depend on this ,it is certain.
that which i am is forever connected
with the sustaining force of creation.
light, power and truth move through
the manifestation -in -form, that i take now.
i am really thankful today.

i am never left, or let down. i am sustained…
nourished and upheld…all my channels of
divine renewing influx are
open and receptive to
the living spirit of truth.

wherever any blockage or stopping
may appear, i set the healing force
in motion within….there is no resistance.
i am perfectly agreeable to health,
well-being and vital aliveness….now.

i have  the vibrant aliveness of perfect circulation.
every tissue and organ
of my body demonstrates
perfect assimilation
and perfect elimination….
i am perfect, health and well being.
and so, grateful  is how i remain….
this is the truth about me now.