from freeze to thaw

Toni Stone                                                     March 16, 2003
401 Buck Hollow Road
Fairfax, VT 05454

from freeze to thaw

the winter thaw is approaching.

my cats are invigorated as they run from window to window, to see if their girlfriend is around.

we open the windows a little bit to let in some almost spring air.

the sun heats up the curtains. we think about reasons to get out of the house.

its time to exercise our bodies more.

its time to fantasize how the gardens can be.

its time to clean the greenhouse, twirl in the driveway, yell from the hill.

the peepers will be peeping soon. the snow is melting. lets paint spring eggs.

lets buy lighter shirts. lets have a picnic somewhere, brush off the picnic tables, kiss the ice melt goodbye. watch the cats roll around, upside down,

saying hello again to the ground. clean out the garage. ask the mice to move outside. shake off the bird seed bells. rake up the dead leaves.

make way for the surge of sprouting that will be coming soon.

the return of bird brothers, the return of real shopping.

i never loved spring so much, as after i moved to the country.