Already abundant life

Already abundant life

♥ whatever i speak is what i am creating…
♥ i speak prosperously. i am clear thinkers.
♥ on the road of already abundant life… we are grateful.

♥ in specific terms of supply and support, i speak prosperously my emotions resonate with true abundance.
♥ i affirm the good i intend…

♥ i speak success in the very face of question…
our words resonate with true success.
♥ … in the face of all doubt.we speak success
♥ results are attained by my speaking…
i have a prospering consciousness.

♥ we are accomplished in demonstrating plenty.
♥ opportunities appear rather than obstacles.
♥ we take direct actions. we move to what’s intended.

♥ the quality of life improves, for everyone, whenever we are present.
♥ at night, my last thoughts are of good…
we say goodnight with happiness…