good is on its way to me

good is on its way to me

thankful already, i know good is in store for me.

i do attract greater good into my life now.

i am cutting through some fogs of fear and doubt
that  may surround others, and … i count on good .

good things are possible,  i know this..

i refuse to accept any other outcomes.

i leave negative assumptions
and interpretations behind.

gratitude increases
with every evidence
of fine change and more honesty….

with less attachment, i move forward
to create multi-faceted miracles this year.

the results are amazing, they keep coming….

my resolutions are intentions.

i am looking for good to spread and share.

i am directed, encouraged and supported…

i know what to do in everyway today.
being grateful

i  attract even more
excellent results.

i  make the highest choices
in all situations and circumstances.