reflecting like the moon

Toni Stone                                  Aug. 12, 2008
401 Buck Hollow Rd
Fairfax, VT 05454

reflecting like the moon

might as well be on the moon, i heard they found water up there.
there’s plenty of water here, but this is not the moon yet.
the moon reflects the suns’ light. although some nights it looks
pretty vibrant, it’s still only a reflection of another light source.

in my studies, i read that i am a reflection of what made me. . .i have been living in this idea hoping that it will transform me. no longer will i have to worry about my life that i am having,

i can probably just be an aspect of life living and do whatever i can to always make life better
for what looks like other people. what a blessed relief really.
no longer to worry
. . .how am i doing?
. . .did i do or say enough?
. . .is this what i should do?

i have been studying reflections for 30 years now.
i start to notice that even though they are not really there, where i think i see them there,
i honestly am blown away by how really there they seem to be. . .
when it’s just like a mirage. the reflection is not there it only seems to be!

my best teachers tell me, this life is a dream, but i forget.
i go back to thinking Steve is my husband, my daughter lives in Tennessee,
my Mother lives in Williston, and something should be done
with all of this circumstance.

might as well be on the moon, that could give some distance.
i can look at my life from a telescope. . .then, i can be conscious that
whether i magnify or spin by the episodes, is entirely up to me.
they are not really there. they are reflections of what created them
and what perceives them. with some distance, i can be in the middle and have
enjoyable appreciation without getting caught up in the egoic drama.
this way i can be present in a more authentic and compassionate way.