small package people

Toni Stone                                                               June 3, 2003
401 Buck Hollow Road
Fairfax, VT 05454

small package people

people are setting up to engage each other’s attention and play
THE RELATIONSHIP GAME, a game we invented to experience
how much or how little invested we are, in giving a partner what he/she wants.

this is not about what we didn’t agree to.
no, only what we accepted.
if he said, “i’d like you to send me a card every week,” and you said, “YES,”
then its your job to send that card. telling him three good reasons how come
it was too hard to get a card. . .telling him how you lost your last stamp. . .
telling him about the day you were going to walk to the mail box, but
unfortunately it was raining, is not the same as getting the card that you.
on that point, you get zero.

mailing the card two days late and saying, “oh yes, its in the mail,” is not
the same as getting the card, either. on that point, you get zero.
if she asked you to call her at work once a week and you fill the air with
all the “how come i couldn’t” stories. . .that is not either as good as the call happening.
on that point, you get zero.

Ben Franklin said, “a person wrapped up in themselves, makes a very small package.”.
i say small package people live in an inner fantasy. they surmise such big givers
they seem to themselves to be, but their scores given by their partners
are in the lower part of the barrel.