Sorrow is Overcome

a great part of celebrating in the autumn end of year festivities, is the ever willingness to go past the sad parts. . .
the seeming losses. . .the unavoidable changes. . .and death of what once was…
skill to overcome sorrow, is a type of transcendence. . .a rising above wounding, like the phoenix rising out of ashes.

celebrating thanksgiving, includes this power to proclaim all events were a blessing over the previous four quadrants.
when we gather at thanksgiving to give thanks, we say, in essence, what ever appeared to be unsavory or difficult
turned out to bring better, even if we haven’t observed it yet. . .

the only genuine, lasting way out of grief is gratitude. . .grieving says something was taken. . .gratitude says a lot more was given,
to overcome sorrow, is a decision to celebrate the good that is now, the good that is on its way, too.