Spring Message For Easter


“what is faith unless it is to believe what you do not see” – St. Augustine


  • may we be part of what renews the face of EARTH
  • may we be moved by injustice to TAKE TIME each day affirming divine order for everyone
  • may we CONSIDER ALL CREATURES in kindness and act with love to unfold what’s next….
  • may we WORK TOGETHER, to stand up for freedom, and affirm that all wars are delayed then canceled before they start.
  • may the bleakness of winter be dispelled on EARTH.
  • may we BE FORGIVEN for what’s been forgotten.
  • may COMPASSIONATE RESONANCE circle our planet, returning captives, canceling wars, birthing peace in minds and hearts of people.
  • may all beings be blessed with GOD’S GRACE for who we can become…as people and nations.we wish a HAPPY SPRING CELEBRATION to all this weekend