the maple buckets

Toni Stone
401 Buck Hollow Road                               March 3, 2003 .
Fairfax, VT 05454

the maple buckets

it’s March and everyone know it. i saw maple buckets on the trees in Westford.
i saw daylight getting longer, when heading home at five, still in daylight.

i don’t remember paying so much attention to signs of spring. living in Vermont does that to a person.
that’s what i love about Vermont. .. spring is ever more special after rnulti-rneasure of snow and more snow.
the best of Vermont snow is that no anyone walks in it.
it remains pristine and dark, white and smooth, and flawless and untrampled.. .
like whipped cream manuscripts waiting for blue ink.

what i love most about Vermont is… space to create, to wonder and wander. every inch is not a box store.
every corner does not have a scratch ticket store. every hill does not have a cell phone tower.
some roads have streams. some streets have cows. some driveways disappear into woods…
that’s what i love about Vermont. copy places are few, coffee stores are seldom seen,
people naturally stay awake from sheer shock of hills, mountains, sky and weather­ corning-at-thern, full force,
unfettered by big buildings boring down…

hyacinths on rny desk are white like snow outside.
when first put there, little flower buds, seemed too far away from each other, like neighbors on my street.
i thought, “maybe i got stems that were inferior?”.
days later, the six-petal flowers opened, stretching out, needing all the extra space they could get.