Treatment for a Peaceful Passing

Treatment for a Peaceful Passing

(insert the name of person in blanks)

________________ can easily let go of a body when its not required anymore.

its okay, it can fall away and be left behind like a pile of worn out clothes.

in DIVINE ORDER and appropriate timing ________________ can let go, and move on,
into the LIGHT and PEACE of another space.

when it’s the good, auspicious time to go a peaceful transition will be experienced by ________________.

what’s really ________________ will still live! the spirit is eternal and perpetual.

a peaceful passing is possible and certain for ________________ this blessing and assurance

are there with ________________ now, today. of this we can be sure.
a stress free relaxation into whats next is assured… and this is what’s so for ________________.

there is joyful expectation, understanding, silent strength, clear mind and there are peaceful hearts present,
as all grief, translates to gratitude…

and we are thankful, even now.