Winter is whats happening

Wonder Works Studio
Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winter is whats happening


using the model of four seasons in nature…
the darkest part of day is midnight,
the darkest season of our year is winter.

short days, long nights. winter represents North.
winter is reformation. winter is recreation.
the time of sacred nights, a wintertime
process of deepening roots… our ability
to go down deep in life is sourced from the
contemplations of the winters.

the North direction invites us to go
within, rest and reformulate views.

we come to appreciate
the need for this phase…
winter is a time of transformation,
an enormously powerful period.

full circle now we have survived the ordeal.
we are open to many new freedoms.
and we can face “demons” within the self.
there are dark repressed aspects of consciousness to be overcome.

what seemed solid and definite is in winter, barren and fallow.
do we hold up in the face of emptiness..

we can draw upon deepest resources during these times…
there can be a sense of being adrift.

nothing seems “real.” and things can seem “dead”…
with all the increased hours of darkness what will we do ???

inspiration is more available during
the holy nights of winter.
a wintertime dynamic develops and deepens
the life-spirit-potential, known as wisdom.

winter is not a time to rush or force anything to happen.
we can accept the slow pace in this north direction.
perspectives are changeable here. the way out is the way in.
embracing the experiences we’ve enjoyed around the full circle

we can be judging what worked and what didn’t work…

this is a time for the long overview
to see where we’ve been standing the past nine years,

in our circle. slowing down in the outer, provides time
for new learning and quiet reflection.

in the North direction writing is excellent.
good ideas come in installments. keeping journals,
trying out poetry and thinking in new directions
provides a new receptivity for ideas of value.

patience in waiting is developed here.
the ability to be quiet and happy is refined here.
questions we ask ourselves in winter are usually profound.
and answers we arrive at, change lives for the better.

happy winter to you this year.