down the drain

Toni Stone
401 Buck Hollow Rd.
Fairfax, VT 05454                                   november 19, 2012

down the drain

so, there was this uninvited black spider in the bathroom sink
and i thought he was awfully unwelcome. i didn’t want to help him
right then, because it was two a.m. i was in my pajamas.

it wouldn’t have been the thing to do…go outside with a spider
in a cup in the dark to save his life…so, i wished him the best
and went to bed.

in the morning, there he was still in my sink, still uninvited
and not awfully welcome, but i committed myself to help him.
it was, after-all, daylight now, and i would just put him in the cup
and take him outside the door where there are gardens, soil, rocks,
plants and all the stuff spiders really like…

when, i went to get him in my cup, he ran off like a crazed-nut
and went down the drain. he thought i was going to hurt him,
when i was attempting to help him out of his trap in the sink.
some of my students are like that too.