whatever it takes: commitment

Toni Stone
401 Buck Hollow Rd.
Fairfax, VT 05454 nov. 5, 2013

whatever it takes: commitment

i keep reading that we are the Creators of our reality…it’s in all the books.
we have all seen it, read it, and heard it yet, we keep having
what-we-would-rather-not-have, from time to time…what’s up with that?

there are lots of incidences and evidences that the power to manifest,
does indeed reside within us. i have had miraculous events in places where it seemed
a chaotic breakdown. i know that it’s true, we do create. we have that power.

i think, “well it’s like the ocean liner doesn’t come to a stop on a dime,”
as my teacher used to say. the crew has to be notified, the plan has
to change, engines have to firedown, a Captain has to declare
new commands, and the huge machine has to start angling into the turn degrees at a time. the change is not instantaneous…and if you give up
in the face of “this is taking a lot of time and energy…” it will revert to
what had you praying for a change in the first place. “how do you YOU know when to stop working on what you intend to bring about?,”
the students say. the teacher says, “when you see the result manifested.”
how long that will be, we do not know.

the plan unfolds by, “what ever it takes.” there is no other way to get there.
true commitment to what’s intended, puts very powerful forces in motion.
at times we move quickly, and at other times we get to be still and listen.

to be committed, is to accept responsibility for being a Creator
in the middle of where you are…it’s being CAUSE
rather than reaction to circumstances.

nothing really wonderful has ever been accomplished without commitment.