Goodbye self pity

Goodbye self pity

i stand aware at the door
of my thoughts now.

another whole self is available to me today…

i say goodbye to self-pity thinking.

i am not held to negative habits or responses.
freedom of spirit is always mine. i am grateful.
i give up feeling sorry and thinking sad thoughts.
how i accommodate, compensate and respond
to thoughts is my decision in this time right now.

feeling sorry, even in small doses,
is disempowering, so i stop it.

i am alert to my thinking and feeling process. i direct thought

self-pity finds no expression. courage replaces fear.
patterns of pity fall away now… possibility always exists.

i act for what’s next. i am thankful for this freedom.
attention to gratitude is an empowering attitude.
gratitude opens doors to good.

i get happily engaged in life with others.
good is always present…
its our choice to notice it.

we can reinvent ourselves as we move along…

today we are prospered and we prosper others we give thanks that this is now so, in a profound new way…