into the trash bin

Toni Stone                                                     July 30, 2003
401 Buck Hollow Road
Fairfax, VT 05454.

into the trash bin

today i cleaned the left side of my desk and i felt years younger. it was filling the ,trash bag with piles of paper, saying goodbye to them,
that helped me feel so much happier.
i flipped them, tossed them and let them fall. some made the bag, some careened to the floor. i was glad to see them out of the pile. off the desk. out ofmy life.
it didn’t matter… floor, bag or still moving, they were out of my priority pile.

that side pile had been extinct for almost a year.
some of the things in that pile were from last winter’s recipes and other important ideas.
left on a pile, ten months, how important can they claim to be, after all? not.
put them out of the misery of waiting to get noticed, and fling them into the trash bin. hey.