drama less

Toni Stone                                                 July 15, 2008
401 Buck Hollow Rd.
Fairfax, VT 05454

drama less

Ernest Holmes wrote, “there is one Infinite Creative Power, but countless numbers of forms,
which change as the specific ideas behind them change.”

i am certain that, the work of appropriate thinking constantly returned to. . .
every time i stray will, in fact, continue to change various seemingly discordant situations,
into finer scenes both in my life and in my world.

every day when i hear the news, i feel sad that the world seems so messed up.
the views of the prophets and seers say that this is a reorganization going on and that
to live in these times is an honor and a blessing. . .that thinking appropriately has the power to hold the world
in its’ proper orbit, as it turns from creatures who are wanting only to get, into a world where people constantly share.
the visionaries say we are heading into Eden, not out of it.

some days i feel tired and dried up inside, trying to keep declaring and seeing good
when despair is inviting me to slip into it like a comfortable fluffy bathrobe.
i say, “no thank you, i continue on, to do the work i came to do,

in a time like this, because i can and i chose it and i must to be true.”

as drama fades away around me, i feel grateful for the strength of good choices,
the company of good people who know how to affirm and intend, and a state like Vermont to do it in.

i don’t have to let the hotel maid in when she pounds on the door.

i don’t have to let doubt and despair run my outlook.

i don’t have to have drama and conflict be my state of mind either.

i am grateful every day for the power to choose

what i think, how i feel, and what i am declaring.