ready for new relationships

ready for new relationships

i recognize the Oneness of all life. . .the Light of Creation.

i feel the presence and power of God within me.

i am led every step of the way to my next relationships.

my thinking, speaking, feeling, actions and reactions

are all established in appropriate order. good outcomes are setting up.

i am attracting companionship that is appropriate for me.

i give up, what is not for my highest best good.


my next relationships are the one’s to have, and they come to me now.

i am in the right places at the right times.

the Light of Creation directs this occurrence. Prosperity abounds,

as transitions occur. everything required finds its way to me now.

any subconscious resistance, and fear or doubt, is dissolved now.

anxieties are dissolved, erased, and given up. . .

any scripts, body sensations, previous contrary instructions

are now forgotten. . .negative thought patterns are canceled, i am thankful.

error effects are now healed. nothing can prevent appropriate action

from taking place in my affairs and circumstances. i recognize and allow good to happen. new friendships and interests are developing now.

meetings and gatherings are easy and effortless.

new ideas come in sequence that works.

the way is made ready to meet people that are for my highest good.

i move into action with authority and full realization

of my oneness with the Light of Creation. . .

now, the sun shines more frequently in my experiences.

my next relationships are appreciated.

perfectly wonderful people appear to spend time with.

perfect conditions show up.

i give thanks for miracles and wonderful surprises that bring blessing.

I GIVE THANKS FOR DIVINE GUIDANCE in all that i see and do. . .

these words are true.

in perfect Divine timing, everything occurs.

i am grateful even ahead of time, for good results and great blessing.