The Direction of East

The Direction of East

spring equinox is a time when night and day are finally equal in length.
light is growing steadily longer, winter is behind.
eggs are ritually eaten, after being colored to celebrate “rebirth” of the sun in spring.

the ancients noticed, eggs of fowls, began to-be-laid, when the eye of a hen was stimulated by more than 12 hours of light each day. 

this connection between eggs and the shift of darkness, for more light, was the basis of spring ritual eggs. 

magical signs, drawn on eggs are a practice of rich EASTER meaning, each year.
eggs colored in the Ukraine as red, yellow and orange were eaten to celebrate the rebirth of the sun
and return of the seasons of plenty.
In Italy colored eggs are baked into breads. 

natural colors for eggs are obtained by boiling onion skins with eggs for soft orange. half teaspoon of tumeric for yellow.
beet juice and vinegar for pink. boiling eggs with vinegar and outer leaves of red cabbage
allowing the whole mixture to cool overnight produces robin’s egg blue.

the thought was these “charms” helped the sun gain strength and power over the darkness of winter.
geometric shapes, plants and creatures are drawn on eggs already colored.

the EASTER egg rabbit tradition is derived from the hare’s fertility as an expression of spring’s life renewal.
the upsurge of life in springtime brings new growth to all kingdoms of nature.

in the beginning direction of our projects and lives,
the demand is that we work quickly and imperfectly, putting in correction as we move. 

this style of East, takes a certain greatness of spirit to declare what’s not-yet-been
when there’s no evidence of it’s manifestation yet.
what’s-to-come must be claimed by naming it. 

this is the direction, to take plenty of new actions.
merging total being with the activity at hand will produce something. 

concentration, purposefulness and true dedication are called for here.
a way to describe the new desired result must be put together.
new affiliations, to back the emerging outcome will be required…
breaking away from the old, dashing to the new…
choices set up the summer of blooming which will come next.
transcendence; means ending the trance of what stopped us. 

East outpictures, quickly dashing forward…
new life growing in wombs doesn’t come down delicately…it bursts forward, full-force…
spring stands for quickening and risky action,
taken to promote future outcomes that were planned seasons ago.