what was required

Toni Stone                                      Sept. 11, 2003
401 Buck Hollow Road
Fairfax, VT 05454

what was required

a lot of trouble i thought might turn into obstacles for us, instead dissolved this month. i was very grateful. i was thankful that reading Pema Chodron, the American Buddhist nun from Nova Scotia, has helped me not to actively engage with trouble thinking.

my coach has helped me too, to put more things in the God box and simply leave them there, instead of carrying them around with me. i see that in this life, i have finally let many people help me. i see that hose of us who cannot ask for, or do not accept help, do very poorly compared to the ones of us who have many coaches, teachers, and mentors. i have more than ten advisors. it’s taken many years to realize that having lots of accountability and help is just what a successful person requires. i am so glad i had, “what’s required is already present”, printed on my checks over the signature line.

today, when i brought my Mother to the third grocery store, we were rushed.

i decided to stay in the car, right at the store’s door. . ..she had 15 minutes to pick up the last few items and as she opened the jeep door, on her side, the door kept coming on back at her, because i was at an angle on the park ramp. a blonde woman stepped out of nowhere and pulled the door back and held it for her. she also offered her hand, to physically pull Mom out of the car, against the pull of gravity. i don’t know who it was. Mom didn’t know her, either. she materialized before our eyes. . .as a manifestation of “what’s required is always present.”

good help is like this, around everywhere, if only we can let it in.

we thanked profusely the woman who helped and off Mom went, into the shop. she returned in 12 minutes, with all the necessary groceries. the whole month as been that kind of miraculous.