nine obstacles: to YOUR PROSPERING

nine obstacles:

1. forgetting that, itʼs not a personal problem.
nothing is. life is the energy that propels all forms to action.
Charles Fillmore, 1930 generative life

2. forgetting that, all is mind. denial and affirmation
straighten up thinking and feeling back into ever present possibility.
Helen Wilmans, 1914 affirmations

3. forgetting that, you can perceive beyond whatʼs seen!
will is directly connected to sight.
Toni Stone, 2003
prosperity perceptibility, part II & I

4. forgetting that, this is not someone elseʼs world.
itʼs your world. the more you accept leadership, the more you prosper.
Toni Stone, 2006 point 23
25 prosperity principle realizations,

5. forgetting that, your context creates reality for you.
Toni Stone, 2004 tools book

6. forgetting that, if you donʼt make the effort
it doesn’t mean anything and doesnʼt feel satisfying to prosper and it will not continue.
Elbert Hubbard, 1899 letter to Garcia

7. forgetting that, love is released and prosperity occurs
when one gives the tenth and also gives as a new habit!
Catherine Ponder, 1966 (how love prospers pg. 101) prospering power of love

8. forgetting that, you must first be who you really are,
then do what you love to do, in order to have what you want. . .
Lenedra Carroll, 2001 the architecture of all abundance

9. forgetting that, “old” places and “old”
people brought the good you have now.
in order to have new good occur the background of obviousness has to expand
to include new people and new places.
Toni Stone, 2004 (pg. 58 and 60) tools book