Life is immense

Life is immense
“That I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life.” ~ Rabind Ranath Tagore

“More of me comes out when I improvise.
~ Edward Hopper

Life is immense and I am never limited.

I produce astounding, amazing valuable work.

Overwhelming grandeur is allowed now. The whole of life and light can inform our work. I am one of life’s finest creations.

Improvising creates space for what’s new to occur.

I no longer shrivel up and try to stay in the lines.

I have encounters of the finest kind… i am not afraid to improve. I am talented and contributed to, when others help me….I am more magnificent!

Asking for help means listening to what others have to say about my circumstance.

What truthfully must be done happens with me.

I allow solutions to come from outside my usual box of thoughts. I welcome improvising.

I welcome the mightiness of life which includes the heavens.

I am grateful for new ideas. Dumbness is not my route.

I am able to think beyond where I knew

I am wiser, more capable, grateful and growing.

I am really, simply, certainly sure to exist and surprise others with possibilities too…