Freedom is mine to have

Freedom is mine to have,
i am choosing it. real freedom is the ability tochoose miracles.
i give up the urge to suffer and talk about it over and over …. at great lengths today…
I am conscious and present I leave behind falling asleep in my spiritual practice….
Goodbye ego, addictions, negative behaviors, darkness, and all manner of chaos.
I am released from whats not needed now.
I am bringing in more good by willingly facing weaknesses that were hidden…
whats been hidden is revealed.
I bring divine order’s influence by being true to good thoughts and intentions of good outcomes.
I am continuously committed
to my spiritual practices … that i selected
they keep me positive, energetic and optimistic.
i am grateful for the wisdom to have a practice of tools, perspectives and good company to practice in.
I am setting up for miracles,
order, joy, excellence and fine results.
healing Adventure begins… An awakening is at hand…. knowledge is obvious.
Pull weeds, i plant seeds.
That which I already am becomes apparent to me.
good progress… excellent process.
clues and cues, cross correlate and emerge for a greater picture of satisfying
outcomes now.