I have it to give

I have it to give

no matter how much i think “i already shared,”
or “okay, i have shared enough now,”
it’s never the end
of sharing and giving.
giving goes on and on……

giving more often.
giving better.
upping the ante.
i just keep on stretching further
to insult that wish to pull back,
that wish to contract, or hoard,
that wish to keep it instead of sharing it..

today’s job is sharing bigger.
if i paid sixty dollars for the food
to be cooked for the event
then i can pay one hundred and sixty,
then i can pay two hundred,
then i can pay three hundred and fifty.

every time i shell out more money
i say to myself, “i have it to give.”
that makes me believe it ,
like an experience. . .
in  body, mind and spirit………..
i have it to give.
i can only really  get whatever i can share .

there is plenty to spare and share.
of course, how else would i
come to understand this?
i have to live it.
i make it true because i said so.
this is my movie, my life.