happy autumn

Toni Stone
401 Buck Hollow Rd
Fairfax, VT 05454

dear friends,                                                            Sept. 18, 2008

it is autumn again and geese are getting out of the town…
we know the drill, we have seen it so many, many, many times. the ferns turn brown,
the dark gets more darker and the old opponent tells us,
“this will be the worst winter…i don wanna be here, it’s not fair…i’ll just leave. it’s not worth it . .
where’s what I need. i can’t see it now..i thought it was okay but is isn’t. woe is me.”
as prosperity practitioners, and people of possibility, we have the insight and power
to voice over the opponent! We can do it if we make that distinction.
the distinctions is:
“this is not really me talking to me.
it’s the voice of discord, chaos and animosity.
it’s the voice that makes me sad, mad and depressed.
it’s not the voice that has me in action
for solution, or gratitude, or generosity.
i can by pass this agitated rhetoric.”
as the weather gets colder, I will know you are gaining skill in mastery of listening.

happy autumn.

love, Toni