the cheap that we let them get away with…

Toni Stone
401 Buck Hollow Rd
Fairfax, VT 05454

the cheap                                                                 Nov.20, 2008
that we let them
get away with…

one of my clients told me she couldn’t look at some scarves
that she loves that were in a new order which had just come in.
i asked, “what do you mean you can’t look at them? did your arms break off?”
she was standing there. her arms were intact. she said she couldn’t look at them because she didn’t have
the money to buy them. i said, “that doesn’t have to stop
vour looking. you can look at them.” she insisted she couldn’t.
reminded her that life was filled with possibility and that looking was possible. she could see something she wanted
or she could not be interested in any of them, but she would never know if she didn’t look.
she got angry with my coaching. she wanted to be left in the poverty mind. i reminded her that she wasn’t
a poverty case. i reminded her she had been studying
prosperity principles for over 20 years. she got more angry, then she started crying. i asked her what was under the refusal
to look at the possibility. she confessed the thought was, “I don’t have it to give.” this was exactly the thought
that was holding her hostage. “that is not who you are,” i said. who you are is, “i have plenty.”
if she wanted to buy a scarf, she could work to pay for it. she could get a hefty discount. she could make a postdated check.
the options were endless as to what could happen if she wanted one after all.
we talked for over twenty minutes. during the coaching, she made many body postures and said many stultifying
statements, like, “i can’t” and “you don’t understand.”
these were all part of the record that was running her.
like a song you play on the jute box. once the number is pressed,
the whole song plays all its lyrics. i listened, but was not enrolled in any of them. she was.
i pointed out that all these obstructing lines and lyrics were from the past.
“you are standing in the present. you are projecting into the future.
anything is possible if you don’t keep on saying what you are used to saying.
say something new. say something hopeful. you can do it.
she listened. she laughed. she got it.