how to make everyone run so fast away from you

how to make everyone run
so fast away from you

• don’t return calls
• don’t listen to anyone
• remind people of previous errors
• don’t stop telling your problems
• tell everyone how sick or tired you are
• read litanies of what’s expected of you
that you can no longer bear…
• tell how busy you are with Important tasks
that are more important than whoever you are talking to
• always refuse Invitations
• say “yes” then call back and say “no”
• say “I’Il let you know” and don’t.
• complain without requests
• expect everyone to feel like you do
• be right about how wrong someone else ls
• go Into great detail about what’s not fair
• showcase suffering
• dramatize how difficult Ilfe Is for you
• get as much attention as you can as often as you can.
• reiterate how much you are overworked or under appreciated.
• touch and hang on people without permission.
• be in pain, as often as possible.
• have at least one doctor’s appointment a month, and
tell everyone what happened at that appolntment.
• don’t promise anything to anyone.
• say “It’s too early to let you know now”
when someone Invites you a second time.
• discover malice and report It.
• discover diseased conditions and explain them.
• spread bad news in every conversation.
• report disappolntments as often as possible.
• refuse advice, say you already know.