New Autumn Changes

New Autumn Changes

there are always new options and possibilities.

i have given up huge dramatic problems as evidence that i am alive….

i have given up thinking about how wrong everyone else is… judgements dissolve.

i look for the best, in situations. when i can’t see it, i declare that it’s there, soon i see it very clearly.

changing moves things along.

i focus on what i want to see more of… i am happy to know how to do this new thinking. the whole day is a gift when i think in this new way.

i let go negative views and injured feelings… i am open hearted and open minded. changing blesses me.

new realizations are everywhere. gratefulness is deep. thankfulness transforms today, many ways.

i move forward into a doubtless tomorrow with great wisdom.

autumn brings welcome changing.

i respond gratefully to situations.

i am more joyful. chaos subsides.

Thanksgiving takes up a bigger part of each day.

whatever i am grateful for makes me happy.

workable ways always occur.

everything works together for good as changing continues outworking.

progress has continuance now. i am thankfully in motion for greater good.