a game

Toni Stone                                                  april 24, 2010
401 Buck Hollow Rd
Fairfax, VT 05454

a game

if life does not seem to offer a game worth playing, invent one. for it must be clear. . .that any game is better than no game.” -Robert De Ropp

we have been reading a lot lately about meaning and the power, innate in us to create meaning, to have a meaningful existence,  to make up what relevance meaning has, and to live like our lives make a difference.

previously, i had assumed that my meaning was already established somewhere arcane and that maybe somebody would let me know what it was someday, and i would say, “oh that?”
or “well yea” and it would all be just whatever.

but, over time, it has been becoming more clear to me, that my meaning is really like our SELF-INFLICTED TASKS. . .i get to say what it is. . .i make it up, based on some prompt, or guidance,
or inner knowing. clearer and clearer, it comes to be my job to declare and claim what my game here is. . .not likely that a giant archangel would appear to solve the mystery by clubbing one over the head, with a sword made of light beams and chains to make me do my job on earth. . .

it’s my job to make it up, and proceed to live that way.
why didn’t someone tell me that when i was in the first grade?