it goes out!

Toni Stone                                                    May 8, 2007
401 Buck Hollow Rd
Fairfax, VT 05454

it goes out!

the master can keep giving because there is no end to her wealth.”

when i stopped worrying about how much i was getting,
i became certain that i was getting plenty. plenty kept on coming.
i stayed certain of it.
the new problem became, “how many ways can i get it or spend it
to provide more insight and inspiration 
around giving for all others?”
the answers never stopped coming.

Byron Katie wrote in her book, A Thousand Names for Joy,
that “whenever you realize that what you have is enough
and more than enough, you’re rich.” she is on the mark.

it’s true that poverty is internal. . .when, you grow up
with poverty habit there is a lot of changing to do. . .it is a process.

the story called, “ i need more money,” keeps me from realizing wealth.
spending money is passing on what’s already not mine, so why try to keep it?
as i spend money to keep this conversation going, i realize if i don’t use it to create this work, there is no sense in it coming in. i love that it goes out.
i could even laugh as i paid my big tax bill this year,
full well that i get to observe money going out because it has to be passed out,
that’s how come it comes in.  
it comes in to go out.
i am fully aware it’s not mine
and grateful to have learned this well.